The Creation of the Every Day Fitness Brand Fabletics

Fabletics has, in just a couple of years, become one of the most prominent fashion companies in the United States and with a high reputation in other countries across the world as well. In the market of fitness apparels, where women have to buy fitness clothing that usually has bland colors and inferior materials, Fabletics found a hole: No one was giving to these women what they wanted in their fitness clothes.


Right now, in the gym, in the park, and even on the streets, you can see hundreds of people using clothes made by Fabletics.


So, what did Fabletics do so well?


While men usually have no problem using shorts in the gray colors or that are black with a combination of white stripes, many types of women have personalities that are better complimented with bright and intense colors. When we work out, it is essential that we feel comfortable, but appeasing our own eyes when we check ourselves in the mirror is also a crucial step to keep exercising every single day.


In fact, there is no problem with gray shorts or leggings, and Fabletics have clothes that are single colored and more classical. The problem comes when other companies in the market are not offering enough options for women to choose from to complement their personalities. With different patterns, colors, dozens of various combinations in each piece of fitness apparel, Fabletics, which was popularized by Kate Hudson’s great marketing campaigns, is dominating its market because of the philosophy that every woman is unique.


Fabletics was founded in 2013, with the founders of Techstyle Fashion Group, the entrepreneurs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, working together with the actress and fashion beauty, Kate Hudson.


The help of Kate was crucial for the development of the brand, as her understanding of clothing and what women are looking for on what they wear in a daily basis, and what is missing in the market.


Although the founders of Techstyle Fashion Group have developed great brands throughout their years as business creators and developers, Kate Hudson showed them what was missing, not only in fitness apparels, but on the Internet when it comes to buying new clothes.


This is where they got the idea of using the “reverse showroom technique” to appeal to the masses, and Fabletics was created in 2013, not as a physical store, but instead began as an online shopping website for women to find the best clothing for their personalities and buy them straight from the internet.


Instead of focusing in guaranteeing that every person who wanted a Fabletics apparel would buy it straight from the official website, they decided to use the reverse showroom technique and redirect everyone who found a lower price in any of the online stores to the official website. What does it do for the consumer? If they found a lower price on the internet than what they found in the official website, they can still take that piece of clothing for that price.


Fabletics encourages consumers to take the Lifestyle Quiz to learn more about what Fabletics clothes fit better with your personality.