Online Reputation Management: What It Is And Why You Should Worry About It


In a world where we are constantly updating social media accounts, signing up for online forums and posting funny memes or pictures it’s easy to overlook the digital trail that is being left behind. Every time you like a picture on Facebook, send out a tweet or comment on a thread you’re leaving a digital fingerprint that can both be used to gather assorted information about you and to create an online reputation that anyone can see.


Assessing and managing your online reputation is something that not many people think about, but one that everyone should learn the basics of. Read on to learn how to assess and begin online reputation management for both your personal and professional life.


Look For Yourself

Do you know what information is available on the web about you? If not, do a quick Google search for your name to see what comes up. Remember to look for old accounts, accounts that may have been hacked and negative information.

Clean Up Your Reputation

When performing online reputation management it’s important to look for negative and false information and attempt to have it removed. In some cases this is as simple as contacting the website owner, in other cases a professional online reputation management company may be required.

If You Want Professional Results

If you look into the CEOs of major corporations you’ll see that many of them have amazing online reputations. This is because they know that to get professional results, you have to hire a professional. If you’re having trouble managing your online reputation on your own, or need immediate results, professional companies such as Fix Search Results will monitor your online reputation and have the resources to find information even you weren’t aware of, and find the bad reviews before you need to remove them.