Malcolm Casselle : Changing the gaming landscape

OPSkings, the largest bitcoin Merchant in the world has recently introduced a concept in which the two largest problems of virtual assets markets (Fraud & fragmentation. They are seeking to accomplish this by implementing a block-chained enabled widget that will allow users to make in-game transactions without having to exit out and partake in dangerous or restrictive transactions imposed by their government. This will surely introduce a new era of optimal asset trading between users.

One of the leaders behind this movement is Malcolm Casselle. CasSelle has been revered by past clients and project associates respectively. “Maclome is one of the most exceptional and dynamic people I’ve ever met. He never ceases to amaze those around him” said Charles Shapard an advisor in GM Eastern China. Graduating with a Bachelors in computer science from MIT and a masters from Stanford University along with speaking both Mandarin and Japanese, Caselle’s educational accolades are a blueprint for those who wish to follow in his footprints and a window into the skills required for the future.

Before Joining WAX, Casselle was an international entrepreneur and a chief advisor to many companies such as China’s division of Groupon, Tronc, Seachange international and many more. Casselle has also been an early investor for companies which are now very well known (Facebook, Xfire, and most recent bitcoin-related companies).

Today Malcolm Casselle is the President of WAX and focusing his attention on optimizing the world of gaming and cryptocurrency. On a recent quote taken from Casselle, he states that “The gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency into the mainstream”. It will be to no surprise when those words will come to fruition. The future for WAX and Malcolm Casselle is bright, the industry will follow their guidance and soon the rest of the gaming world.