Kicking Cancer’s Butt With Omar Boraie

In today’s society, there are very many illnesses some more fatal than others. We have developed several treatments for these illnesses, and our knowledge is only growing. Cancer is becoming one of the more common fatal illnesses. Cancer is when your cells start to divide without stopping and spreading into the surrounding tissues. Due to the extreme amount of hard work that our beloved scientists working in medical research we’ve made continual progress in figuring out everything we need to know, to ease the pain that cancer brings.

As humans, we have been advancing at a phenomenal rate. One of the doctors we have to give credit to is Omar Boraie. He has a background in chemistry and has shown much interest in the field of cancer research and pinpoint what a cure could be. He is a well respected, dedicated and hard working man who has the world’s best interests in mind.

Omar helped discover groundbreaking news in the research field of medicine at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. In October 2015 the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science had been established. The ‘chair’ represents the higher standard in education and the level of commitment they have shown academically, with disciplined at the highest levels, providing support and endless amounts of success. Omar has made a 1.5 million dollar pledge to support the establishment. That is just one of the many things that Omar has done for the world. Bloomberg describes him as a “modest man who likes to give back to the world”.

A big part of the well-respected pledge that the physician Sam Boraie had given is the visions of making significant progress in advancing to be more precise with all cancer patients, especially the ones who are unresponsive to treatments. His ideas are to exceed the goal and provide an endless amount of support and facts to the patients.

All over the world, there are cancer centers that perform advanced gene sequencing on different tumors for research. At the Rutgers Cancer Institute, they focus on the precision of patient care because that matters just as much the medicine aspect. As the knowledge in medicine advances so does the ability to classify cancers into smaller more precise categories to provide better outcomes for the patient. This is why we respect the hard working and most deserving doctors doing the necessary research to ensure that one day, cancer patients will have the ease of mind and body resulting in overall good health and improving the chances of a longer lifespan.