How Fabletics has achieved e-commerce success

Kate Hudson has grown Fabletics to become a business that is worth $250 million. The firm has come up with a new business model that is highly competitive in the fashion industry. Fabletics has opened both online and offline stores. The firm has a total of sixteen stores opened in California, Florida, and Hawaii. Just like famous companies such as Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics has opened stores that operate offline. These stores have been beneficial as it gives members a chance to fit clothing before purchase. Another secret to Fabletics success is the use of personalized shopping. Personalized shopping comes in the form of membership platform where members can access products at discounted prices.


Fabletics success is because it focuses on reverse showrooming. More often than not, customers usually search for items offline then find one which that suits them. They later go and look for these items and purchase them elsewhere at discounted prices. Fabletics has implemented a business approach that is opposite to showrooming. The model has been successful due to the availability of local physical stores. Customers can view their items in local stores and fit them. If interested, they can sign up for membership through Fabletics main website. Members can purchase items at highly discounted prices. Through this approach, Fabletics has built a robust and reliable customer base. Customers have loved the membership program, and their numbers have increased daily. Clients who prefer purchasing online buy items in brick and mortar stores.


People that check out Fabletics online will notice that the firm sells activewear clothing. Their line of clothing is more fashionable and stylish compared to traditional workout gear. Kate Hudson represents fashion in the activewear industry. She has added a personal touch to the activewear brand. Many people have been highly interested in the brand and are purchasing from Fabletics. The kind of activewear sold by the firm has become the latest talk of the internet. People that used to shop for activewear in Amazon are now shifting to Fabletics.


The subscription service has by far been the most important aspect of the business. Subscription has given Fabletics an edge over big competitors like Amazon. The subscription comes with a membership policy that comes with several offers. Members receive a value-added service. After signing up, one fills in a questionnaire about their clothing preferences. The company uses this information to suggest personalized clothing items. Kate Hudson has added a personal touch to shopping line on Fabletics. This nature of service cannot be found in other companies such as Amazon.


Fabletics shopping line allows for customers to become VIP members. However, one has to pay the membership fee. After subscription, one receives a large list of activewear that is unavailable in local stores. VIP members also get the chance to choose whether they would like to shop online or offline. One can pick an item online and decide to fit it first in the brick and mortar stores. VIP membership comes with great flexibility and a pleasant shopping experience.

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