How Does The CTRMA Serve The Public?

The CTRMA is the transit agency for all of Texas, and it has taken on many projects that will serve everyone from the many rural areas of the state. Their director Mike Heiligenstein has spoken up about services for the state many times in the past, and he is offering a look at what the state many do in the future to help everyone move around. This article explains how Mike plans to serve the public, and it shows he has many ideas that may be used for the greater good.


#1: What Is The Greater Good?


Mike has spent quite a lot of time looking for light rail and transit options that will cross the middle of a large state. Those who are in the middle of the state may be too close to rural areas to have a rail option, and they may spend hours driving every week for the jobs. Mike wishes to bring people closer together using light rail, and he believes there may be better highways in the state’s future.


#2: Who Benefits?


The plans that Mike believes in will benefit everyone in the state as the center of the state will become much simpler to reach. Those who are using the transit system in the state will make their way to more cities in a faster time, and Mike believes that commerce will improve as a result. He has seen the state grow by leaps and bounds over the years, and he wishes to help it continue to grow.


#3: How Will The Public Weigh In?


The public is allowed to come to each forum that Mike will hold, and he is showing the state there is a way to reach out beyond the rural middle. There are many rural people who wish to travel, and they may do so when they leave the center of the large state on a new rail or bus system. Mike has plans he wishes to use to help everyone, and he will have them in place as soon as possible.


The career of Mike Heiligenstein is dedicated to helping people go where they must. The state is looking for leaders who will push transit forward, and Mike is doing so with the best of intentions. He does things that change lives, and he is holding forums that allow the public to show him they support his new ideas.

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