Doug Levitt Unveils “The Greyhound Diaries” Commemorating The Forgotten America

The Greyhound Diaries is an inspirational journey of an artist and a song writer, Doug Levitt. Since 2007, the innovative style of Doug’s storytelling by traveling in a Greyhound Bus has allowed thousands of Americans to understand the traditional American, who continues to struggle amid ongoing economic and social problems. Seven years earlier, Doug Levitt quit his potentially lucrative job as a CNN correspondent to ride 70,000 miles across American on a Greyhound Bus. For Doug, the Greyhound Bus was an automatic choice because it allowed him to meet fellow Americans from nearly all facets of life.

In fact, Greyhound was also the best medium to understand Americans as Dough went places he could not have imagined. Traveling to small towns and “off the beaten path”, Dough met ordinary Americans who were struggling to make ends meet. Accordingly, the poverty-stricken Americans were not restricted to any particular demographics because Greyhound travelers belonged to every class. During the seven years, Doug heard many amazing stories that allowed him to appreciate the human resilience against hardships. In a recent interview, Dough also acknowledged that the experience was very overpowering for him because it also allowed him to confront his own dilemma of dealing with the suicide of his father.

According to Doug, life stories of these Greyhound travelers revealed that most Americans have almost forgotten their fellow citizens. These citizens represent Millions of Americans who are still living in poverty despite America’s economic success as the world power. Perhaps, sharing their stories will also enable the new generation of Americans to understand that there are thousands of Americans who cannot live their American dream despite working hard because our lives also have a social, cultural and economic aspect that remains hidden from others. Therefore, writing the “Greyhound Diaries” is a big step in making Americans view the other side, which remains concealed from the public eye.

In a major presentation, Doug Levitt will share his stories at The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage through songs, pictures and movies. The presentation also includes a 2007 EP, 2008 book and a website of images, videos and stories.