Cotemar Mexico the Soul of Mexico’s Energy Economy

The Mexican economy heavily relies on the sale of oil and fuel. Getting this oil above ground is usually the hard part. It involves a series of complex processes that have to be handled by experts. And to avoid being interrupted by natural disasters, a great contractor has to be entrusted to ensure that the mining and logistics equipment can handle it. This is exactly what Cotemar does.



Cotemar is one of the major players in the Mexican’s oil industry. They offer high-end services to companies within this industry. If you have of Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), you now know who is behind their smooth operations. Operating over 30 vessels, the company ensures that oil mining is always on, no matter what.



Cotemar History


Cotemar is headquartered in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico and was inaugurated in the year 1979. When they first started out, the company was only involved in the provision of accommodation and catering services. Two years on, Cotemar was already expanding to have a fleet of vessels that would transport people and goods. Today, the company owns large vessels that are able to handle heavy equipment used in responding to oil spills disasters.





Cotemar utilizes eco-friendly processes in the delivery of their services. They thrive at offering customized services that are within their client’s budgets. Theirs is to deliver quality services while conserving the environment. This is the reason why they utilize green technology to ensure that the energy industry in Mexico shines.



Working at Cotemar


Cotemar employees over 8,000 people who are harbored in their over 30 vessels. Their employees enjoy not only working in a highly-dynamic industry, but fat salaries and working with bosses that allow them be. While working, they are provided with high quality food, laundry and cleaning services. This helps to keep their employees motivated.



Their employees also enjoy accommodation. They have built a hotel, specially meant to accommodate the employees when they are between shifts. All these is done to ensure that the employees are always in good shape.

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