Laidlaw & Company’s Legal Matters

A recent decision was handed down from a U.S. Federal Court and the decision has had an impact on Laidlaw & Company, an investment bank. The decision was issued from a Nevada courtroom and The Street reports the ruling issued a restraining order and associated injunction against Laidlaw & Company and principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. All parties have been ordered to cease disseminating “false and misleading proxy materials.” Relmada Therapeutics is the entity that successfully sought the restraining order.

Laidlaw and Relmada have a complex relationship. Previously, Laidlaw acted in the role of investment banker for Relmada.

In public statements, Relmada announced the company would prefer to focus on its primary duty of developing products as opposed to getting involved with legal actions.

Laidlaw & Company was first established in 1842. The company is involved in various services including capital markets, wealth management, and alternative investments. Although the legal proceeding reference the U.K. wing of the company, Laidlaw is headquartered in New York City. Actually, numerous offices exist in many major cities.

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