Hussain Sajwani Trying to Lower the Over-Dependence of Non-Renewable Resources

Over the years, the Middle East region is facing challenges when it comes to the natural economic and social front. Since the region has been increasing at a fast rate and has come to the forefront of progress, there is a great increase in the consumption of resources, water, and other resources. The contribution of carbon emission is also increasing, and there has never been a greater need for people in the region to move towards sustainable growth. There are people such as Hussain Sajwani who is forcing the industries in the region to adopt more environmental friendly policies and regulations.

Dubai is known worldwide as the city of skyscrapers as there are tons of buildings here that would seem like are touching the sky. The infrastructure development that the city of Dubai and other metropolitan areas of the UAE have witnessed in the past few years is phenomenal. The primary reason behind this massive transformation is the contributions made by the innovative and futuristic real estate firms like Damac Properties, which was founded by Hussain Sajwani in the year 2004. He has established himself as a self-made billionaire in the past few years and not only has helped his company go global but has put to action many initiatives that have empowered and helped the local communities.

Hussain Sajwani went to the United States after completing his high school in the UAE on government’s scholarship. He even did a job at the oil and gas firm named GASCO for few months before leaving and starting a catering company, which is known as Global Logistics today. The company has been running efficiently as well as profitably till date, and Hussain Sajwani continues to look after its management and business development activities. However, Damac Properties has become the key focus of Hussain Sajwani, and in the last decade, it has developed over forty thousand residential units. It has become a comprehensive real estate firm, which also has a property management section. For people looking to invest in the real estate sector of the Middle East, consulting with the professional real estate and financial consultants at Damac would help you.

From An Intern To Being The Cornerstone Of Brazil’s Tourism Sector, An Inside Look At The Guilherme Paulus Story

No matter how ignorant they might be, most Brazilians are familiar with the name Guilherme Paulus. Born in Sao Paulo, Guilherme Paulus is among individuals who have contributed significantly to taking the Brazilian tourism sector to the international map.

Currently, the owner of one of Latin’s America largest tour operators, known as CVC, Guilherme’s efforts have not been overlooked as he has been recognized and awarded multiple times. For instance, he was recently honored with the Entrepreneur of the Year accolade.

Guilherme Paulus deserves all the good fortunes crossing his path as he has worked so hard to reach where he is today. Paulus began working his way up the ladder by interning at IBM, and it was while here that he came across Carlos Cerchiari who gave him the idea of CVC. At a young age of twenty-four years, he joined forces with Carlos, and together they set up the first CVC office ever in 1972. Even though it was a success, Carlos left, leaving Paulus to run the business alone. Being a positive minded individual with an incredible entrepreneurship drive and ambition, Guilherme took this as a challenge, and he set his mind to excelling only. Since then he has helped broaden the horizons of CVC through unique business moves. For instance, in 2009, he reviewed the market for companies that could help CVC expand even more and sold part of it to the Carlyle group. This move has proved to be beneficial because today, CVC generates revenues of up to $5.2 billion annually and what’s more impressive is that this figure continues to increase with each wake.

To ensure consistent growth, Guilherme Paulus has dedicated himself to opening up a 100 stores annaully in different parts of the country, a factor that contributes massively to the firm’s expansion. However, unlike most investors, Paulus understands the essence of social accountability which is why he continuously gives back to the society through his company. For instance, Paulus donates to charities such as PIET, an organization dedicated to providing those who hail from poor backgrounds with access to quality education.

A little background info on Guilherme

Guilherme was born in Sao Paulo in 1949. He also grew up and studied his business administration course here and later interned at IBM. Besides CVC, Guilherme Paulus is also the business mind behind GJP resorts.

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The Success of Capital Group’s New Chairman

For an expert investor as well as financial expert who is known to give some of the best advice that is guaranteed to yield the highest return with the least amount of risk involved, one individual in particular stands out against the rest as a leading and well respected financial expert. This individual is Timothy Armour, a passionate financial expert who has dedicated his career to making sure that each of his clients have the best financial opportunities that can build their investment portfolio and that can diversify their portfolio for future investments and profits that are guaranteed for the future.

Timothy Armour has established himself as an expert within the world of finance as well a investment through his success as a CEO and as a hard worker. Timothy Armour is proud of what he has accomplished and attributes his success to not how much he has made during his many accomplishments, but by how many individuals he has helped along the way. Timothy Armour loves helping individuals find the best possible investment opportunity and prides himself to continue his work to generate loyal clients. Timothy Armour knows that his career is not dedicated to help himself, but to help others.

Timothy Armour is not only the CEO, but is also the chairman of Capital Group. As a member of this investment firm, Timothy Armour conducts research and is a portfolio manager. As a manager of portfolios, Timothy Armour is able to apply his expertise to find the best investment opportunities for the future. With over three decades of experience within the investment industry, Mr. Armour is loved and respected by the clients of the firm as well as by his employees. His global investment experience makes him one of the most sought after individuals within the financial industry.

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Timothy Armour earned the career that has has in present day. Mr. Armour had to work hard and to demonstrate that he was the best by finding the best services and showing the most amount of work in every project that he became a part of. As an expert in investment analysis at the Capital Group, Timothy Armour has used his background to benefit his clients and will continue to do so for many more decades to come. With a degree in economics, Timothy Armour not only understands economic theory, but also understands how to apply economic theory in the real world and in financial markets.

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