Copa Star brings in a new dimension in healthcare in Brazil

Copa Star, a hospital from Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro has created a new standard in Brazilian health care industry. While many hospitals in the country find it difficult to cater to its patients with typical services, Copa Star is making a strong reputation for itself through its strict attention to service quality, facilities, and capacities. On top of that, it is bringing the dimension of luxury in hospital administration to better serve its patients with the state of the art innovation and sheer passion for excellence.

What makes Copa Star different and better than all other hospitals in Brazil is its aim to provide personalized attention to each and every patient, intensive investment on technology and uncompromising standards that always exceeds patient’s expectation. The firm management behind this hospital was determined to create a hospital that would not only become a leader in hospital services on but upheld the standards for other hospitals in the country as well. This is why; they left no stone unturned in planning and operating the hospital right from the beginning.

Copa Star has almost everything that patients can expect from a competent hospital. The hospital has some modern facilities, a pool of highly experienced doctors & technicians as well as amenities equal to a 5-star hotel. The hospital specializes in multiple medical disciplines and provides a wide variety of treatment and examination services on The hospital management went through enormous challenges and hired some of the leading doctors who specializes on Neurosurgery, Laparoscopy, Telemedicine, Emergency, Cardiology, Surgery, Medicine and so on. In addition to this, the hospital also invested heavily in building a state of art infrastructure for itself. The hospital has nine operating rooms, and each of them is equipped with modern technology and innovation. On top of that, it has three operating rooms dedicated to neurosurgery that comes with many advanced features such as Neuro Navigator, robotic angiograph, hemodynamics and so on. Copa Star also has an impeccable diagnostic and therapy support service that includes but do not limits to Dual Energy Tomograph, SPECT / CT and much more. The hospital has very recently revamped its Emergency service with a multidisciplinary team and full diagnostic medicine service as well as an ICU ambulance.

However, it is the ambiance and environment of this hospital that strikes the patients and visitors in the first place. The hospital has a tranquil and urbane atmosphere which designed by some of the most prominent architects and designers such as Yutaka Toyota. Each of the rooms is equipped with SMART Hospitality technology that allows the patients to control the room temperature and equipment through a tablet only. Also, the hospital has a pool of efficient support staff who are always trying to ensure the best quality services for their patients with personalized care and attention. In addition to this, the hospital also has a gourmet restaurant, coffee shop, chapel and Escorts Lounge for the visitors.