Alastair Borthwick Is a World Icon

In Scotland, Alastair Borthwick carries the flag for his exceptional work in broadcast, journalism, and authorship. Everyone is a guru in his area of expertise and being exceptional is what makes the difference. The society remembers you for your exceptional works. What is your relevancy in your area of expertise? Another field that harbors so many celebrities is journalism and broadcast. It’s the field that built the legacy of Borthwick, and that makes him be celebrated fifteen years since his demise.

Who is Alastair Borthwick?

Alastair Borthwick was a Scottish journalist, author, and broadcaster who lived between 17th February 1935 and 25th September 2003. Rutherglen is his birth town but was raised in Troon before later shifting to Glasgow where he pursued Glasgow High school. At sixteen years, he started working for Glasgow Herald, a smaller newspaper firm where he wrote on a wide variety of articles. Through his writing for the Herald’s “open air” page, he discovered rock climbing which was mainly known for the rich and young working-class Glaswegians.

Borthwick is the author of many books with the popular one being “Always a Little Further” which was published in the year 1939. He also served with British armed forces in Western Europe, Sicily, and North Africa. Initially, Borthwick served as a private officer in the Highland Light Infancy, but as a result of his OTC experience, he was promoted to the level of the second lieutenant in 1939. Nevertheless, the commission was dissolved until 1941.

After the Word War II, Borthwick wrote another book, Sans Peur which gave the account of his regiment during the 2nd half of the war. For other parts of his vocation, he operated mostly as a TV and radio broadcaster, and continued with his writing occupation.


Alastair Borthwick contributions are evident and range from the world of literacy, broadcasting to mountain climbing. His relevancy is evident even after several years of his demise. His books have continued to shine the light to the younger generations, and his legacy is not only there to be remembered but has continued to be an eye-opener to many.

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Malcolm Casselle : Changing the gaming landscape

OPSkings, the largest bitcoin Merchant in the world has recently introduced a concept in which the two largest problems of virtual assets markets (Fraud & fragmentation. They are seeking to accomplish this by implementing a block-chained enabled widget that will allow users to make in-game transactions without having to exit out and partake in dangerous or restrictive transactions imposed by their government. This will surely introduce a new era of optimal asset trading between users.

One of the leaders behind this movement is Malcolm Casselle. CasSelle has been revered by past clients and project associates respectively. “Maclome is one of the most exceptional and dynamic people I’ve ever met. He never ceases to amaze those around him” said Charles Shapard an advisor in GM Eastern China. Graduating with a Bachelors in computer science from MIT and a masters from Stanford University along with speaking both Mandarin and Japanese, Caselle’s educational accolades are a blueprint for those who wish to follow in his footprints and a window into the skills required for the future.

Before Joining WAX, Casselle was an international entrepreneur and a chief advisor to many companies such as China’s division of Groupon, Tronc, Seachange international and many more. Casselle has also been an early investor for companies which are now very well known (Facebook, Xfire, and most recent bitcoin-related companies).

Today Malcolm Casselle is the President of WAX and focusing his attention on optimizing the world of gaming and cryptocurrency. On a recent quote taken from Casselle, he states that “The gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency into the mainstream”. It will be to no surprise when those words will come to fruition. The future for WAX and Malcolm Casselle is bright, the industry will follow their guidance and soon the rest of the gaming world.

Shervin Pishevar: Tech Monopolies and Reshaping the World

Shervin Pishevar brought attention to the continued growing influence of tech companies. The impact to global and regional economies is enormous. Understand that Shervin Pishevar recognizes the world is already in a modern age. The Internet solidified a globally connected world. What Shervin Pishevar wants the world to become aware of is that the technological revolution is in its early stages.

From a mobile-first world to AI, technology is at the center of human development. Prioritizing mobile interfaces for the world wide web has done much to change the way people interact in their daily lives. This influence has altered the way new products are developed. The popularity of apps and the blazing speed of new cloud based software caused the development community to institute a mobile-first strategy. This results in those with desktop workstations needing to adjust their hard drives to use programs that either previously came standard or were easy downloads.

While putting mobile devices first improves the quality of experiences (i.e. smartphones), it takes away some power from workstations. This is more of a noteworthy statement about the direction tech and society are advancing. Relevance is seen in the next development stage of wearable technology and an AI-driven web that makes personal devices less significant. There are already several projects developing cloud recognition software for users via facial, fingerprints, eyes, voice, etc. that enable interfacing with public devices for personal use. These projects are different from logging in at your local library. An AI driven web that can recognize users, would make owning devices much less significant. Information (especially personal data) would be linked directly to each user.

Issues related to personal information controlled by large organizations has been the subject of much investigation this year. Circumventing account logins for a web system that is fundamentally linked to user identity would make many of these issues irrelevant. By calling attention to tech monopolies and the growing influence of innovation, Shervin Pishevar has made people take notice of the reshaping world. This movement thrives as it empowers individuals in ways never before seen.

Shervin Pishevar believes experimental monetary policies could end in disaster

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. He has worn many hats, acting as both the founder of many successful companies and, later, as one of the premier venture capitalists of the last decade. Some of the companies that his firm, Sherpa Capital, has funded in their critical early stages include such names as Virgin Hyperloop, Uber and Airbnb. As an entrepreneur in his own right, Shervin Pishevar has founded names ranging from Inside to Social Gaming Network, one of the largest interactive gaming companies in the country.

Somehow, Shervin Pishevar still finds time to run one of the most-followed Twitter feeds in the tech world. With more than 100,000 followers, when Shervin Pishevar tweets, he often commands the attention of some of the most important thought leaders in the country.

In a recent 21-hour tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar held forth on a wide variety of topics. In particular, he talked about the radical expansionist monetary policies that the Federal Reserve has been following since the financial crisis of 2008. Pishevar believes that the so-called quantitative easing measures that the Fed has been following will ultimately prove to have been little more than a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound, doing more harm in the long run than good.

Pishevar argues that one of the consequences of the Fed’s policies has been the creation of a global asset bubble. He points to the record valuations in the stock market, with a total Schiller P/E ratio currently exceeding 30 and flirting with all-time historic highs. Pishevar says that such lofty valuations have been historically non-sustainable. This means that anyone who currently buys into the market at such elevated prices will have extremely poor prospective returns over the next 10 to 20 years.

At the same time, Pishevar says that the flood of easy credit throughout the country has inflated a real estate bubble throughout much of the nation. This is particularly true in the urban areas located on the nation’s coasts. Pishevar says that the dramatically unaffordable housing prices have prevented young families from forming. This, he said, will have negative ripple effects throughout the economy for years to come.

Peter Briger is the brain making Fortress Investment Group succeed

Peter Briger has achieved many things since he started his career and no one can match what he has achieved so far. His current work is to run Fortress Investment Group, and he has done so successfully. He has been in the Board of Directors for the past over two decades, and while here he has made significant decisions that have enabled the company to excel. Peter is tasked with running the real estate and credit sections because he is skilled in these areas. Fortress Investment Group started as private equity but in 2007 it went public, and Peter is among the people who became billionaires at this time. Forbes even placed him among the top 400 successful professionals of the world. Fortress has attracted over a thousand clients, and it focused on areas like hedge funds, permanent capital vehicles and private equity.

Peter Briger’s education

Peter obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University which is recognized worldwide for producing outstanding performers like Peter Briger. He also attended the Wharton School of Business which is at the University of Pennsylvania. Later Peter went to start his career because Briger was now able to run a company after successful training. Peter Briger began his work at Goldman Sachs, and he worked here for over ten years. Working here enabled him to learn the financial world and acquire the right skills to continue with his career. At Goldman Sachs, he was running debt vehicles, loans and the real estate sectors.

He gained vast knowledge and a lot of experience while working at Goldman Sachs. It made him have a firm belief that he could find other challenging endeavors. That is when he left Goldman Sachs and went to join other successful individuals who had come together to share knowledge and start one of the most successful entities. Fortress Investment Group was started by individuals who had been working in the financial world, and they knew the steps required to excel in entrepreneurship. He joined this firm in 2002, and he works here even today. He has displayed the best leadership that would enable an organization to achieve its missions.