Inside The Life And Career Of Actor-Cum-Journalist Ryan Seacrest

The entertainment business is one of the most demanding industries and hosts some of the most hardworking folks one could come across. Ryan Seacrest, a big-shot Hollywood actor, and household name, is a true representation of dedication, passion, and talent. The multi-talented Seacrest has also served as the host to some of the most popular radio and TV shows.

Currently, Ryan is a co-host for ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’, a popular and acclaimed morning TV show. The show is one of the funniest, given the easy-going nature of the duo that has developed a cordial friendship on and off the air.

Reputation and respect

Ryan Seacrest has earned the respect he is accorded today in the Hollywood industry primarily due to the solid reputation he has built as a talented media personality as well as due to his high professional ethics. It is incredible how Ryan Seacrest juggles around his packed schedule with the many gigs that require him to frequent fly to Los Angeles and back to New York.

Radio and TV careers

Seacrest recently had to relocate to New York from Los Angeles to co-host the Live With Kelly Show. On the radio, Ryan hosts ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ a morning drive-time show that has become a darling to many people and consequently ranks among the most popular radio shows in Los Angeles. He also hosts the annual ‘’Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest’, a New Year’s Eve Program.

Additionally, he is the host of the top award show, E! Live from the Red Carpet. The actor admits that not many people can keep up with his tight schedule but thanks his timeliness to his passion for working out. This includes boxing which he took up soon after his move to New York.

More about Ryan Seacrest

He hosted the American Idol, a popular and acclaimed singing competition, until 2016 when the competition took a break. His love of fashion and entrepreneurship spirit pushed him to open his own line of fashion, Ryan Seacrest Distinction/ Polish. Ryan still finds time for philanthropic activities through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF), which focuses on youth development.

Ryan Seacrest Combines Traditional and Entrepreneurial Ambitions

In his current and most recent role as co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, personality Ryan Seacrest further places himself at the heart of the entertainment news industry. Always in the know, and involved in several well known broadcast and cable programs, Ryan Seacrest has made waves in all areas and positions within entertainment media.

Combining both entrepreneurial and traditional roles, Seacrest is always on the lookout for opportunities that will both benefit himself, the business ideas he is working on, and those individuals he is interested in working with.

From On Air With Ryan to host of American Idol, Seacrest has quickly become a household name and voice that everyone recognizes. While initially a local LA radio show, his show is now nationally syndicated, and quickly became on of the top radio shows in production.

In the spirit of keeping busy, Seacrest hosts and launches multiple shows, working on and behind the camera, covering and creating the stars of Hollywood that everyone loves. His entrepreneurial pursuits have changed the way millennials interact with media and drive marketing dollars. From social media platforms to new media platforms, Seacrest is making investments in tech businesses that are on the leading edge of driving information and industry.

Outside of entertainment and media, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has even gone on to create and market a clothing line for men. His interest in collaborations has led to him partnering with brands and other companies in order to create exclusive lines, brands, and experiences that he understands and knows will garner interest by the public.

Always looking to give back, Seacrest, a TV personality, established the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a philanthropic foundation that aims to introduce media and entertainment initiatives through educational programming to children. The foundation currently operates ten broadcast centers in hospitals across the country where children are able to learn and explore through media and communication. Follow Ryan on Twitter today.

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The Truth About Hussain Sajwani and the Upcoming IPO Possibilities for DAMAC Group

Damac is the company within the UAE associated most often with eye-catching marketing feats (“get your free Bentley after you get your luxury apartment“), glitzy property arrangements and captivating golf course projects with Donald Trump.

However, in the (somewhat) wild Dubai majlis of the chairman and founder, Hussain Sajwani, the pride of the building is placed in the plaque signifying its roots in an entirely separate business.

“In honor of excellent food service for the United States army throughout Operation Desert Storm,” it states. This references the work Mr. Sajwani’s organization carried out during the start of the Iraq war in 1991.

“We served for the Americans across the globe in Bosnia, Somalia and the Gulf and for big American business such as Bechtel as well,” mentions the 57-year-old. The food company remains as a part of Damac Group’s work and stands both as a remembrance of Mr. Sajwani’s (@hussainsajwani) business ability and of his expertise in cultivating friends in the places where it makes a difference on the global level.

He is allowing those skills to be put to good use once again. Now as Damac gets ready to capitalize on the recovery of UAE property rates, they’ll also consider initial public offerings of stocks with groups like the London Stock Exchange. They are one of many possible IPO venues.

In an interview with CNBC, Sajwani mentioned that with the beginning phases of the upcoming IPO process underway, he’s limited as to the things he’s able to say but reveals “as a firm of our scale and our design, each one of these choices is available. However, it rests on the suggestion of the banking firms. We’re speaking with various institutions but have not hired any of them concerning an IPO yet.”

On the reasons why an IPO is still thought of as a “hypothetical”, he mentions is that “we have bonds and cash as a safety net. We also only have a debt ratio of 10%. That’s why we aren’t in much need of the resources. But it can still provide room for growth. It can also be a means for us to take some funds from the company. Still, every option is open.” Follow Sajwani on Instagram.

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GreenSky Credit Sees Great Performance In Second Quarter Before Partnership With American Express

Recently, GreenSky Credit made a deal with American Express to create a partnership between the 2 companies. This business move will give the company access to the merchant base of American Express and is expected to boost their platform considerably. The deal is also expected to be beneficial to American Express who is trying to attract more merchants as a part of their new strategy for growth.

GreenSky Credit only offers their products to customers with good credit, meaning that their risks of not being paid back are small. The company has built a strong network of banks, healthcare providers, and home improvement businesses. This type of networking is still crucial to their growth strategy. Their methods are clearly working if their impressive results from the second quarter of 2018 are any indication.

This partnership with American Express is adding an entirely new dimension of growth that runs alongside the methods that GreenSky is already implementing. It is predicted that this partnership will be fully implemented sometime in 2019 and is expected to bring the price per share of GreenSky to around $26 by 2020. This estimate is approximately 30% higher than their current price of approximately $20.

Form 2015 to 2017, the merchant base of GreenSky grew by around 50% each year. According to predictions, this number may reach 30,000 before 2021. The company may have increased their number of merchants, but the transactions per merchant have decreased. With the help of American Express, more merchants that are high-end are expected to be added to their base which will minimize this decline. They are expected that the transaction volume per merchant with the company will reach about $290,000 by 2020.

Their numbers in the second quarter of 2018 show that as a public company they are off to a great start. Their transaction volume increased by 36% in that time frame and is expected to continue to increase. They will now have access to the virtual payment system offered by American Express as well. The strategic alliance that is being formed with American Express will continue to allow GreenSky to grow and is expected to increase their share of the market.

Stream Energy Provides Hurricane Relief

After Hurricane Harvey, many people and organizations were scrambling to find a way to help in the aftermath of this tragedy. However, one company was already prepared, willing and able to help. As it happens, stream energy had made a surplus of revenue in the aftermath of its energy sales business. As such, they became one of the first organizations to contribute to the relief effort. Of course, this is nothing new for them. From the moment of their inception, philanthropy has always been the lifeblood of stream energy and they even recently launched a charity organization known as stream cares in an effort to continually fund the recovery effort in Texas as well as the rest of the nation.

As it turns out, corporate America is a lot less stingy than one might think. In fact, just last year, they gave over $19 billion to various charities and philanthropic endeavors both in America and overseas, and that’s not even counting the volunteering of time and donations by individual employees of these companies. In particular, this cause hits close to home as stream energy is based out of Dallas and they’ve established steadfast relationships with philanthropic organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. One of the causes they focus on in particular is the impoverished and those who are currently without their own residence.

Over the past few years, stream energy has noticed a 24% increase in homelessness throughout the city of Dallas alone and they are determined to cut that number in half in the next five years. One of their notable passion projects involves working with another Dallas-based philanthropic organization known as Hope Supply Co. Together, they have managed to cover the entrance costs of thousands of different homeless children to participate in Splash For Hope. This event allows thousands of different underprivileged children to attend a local water park and provides them with money and supplies to help keep them fed. So we wish them the best of luck in their future projects and hope they are successful in all their future philanthropic endeavors.

Shervin Pishevar: Tech Monopolies and Reshaping the World

Shervin Pishevar brought attention to the continued growing influence of tech companies. The impact to global and regional economies is enormous. Understand that Shervin Pishevar recognizes the world is already in a modern age. The Internet solidified a globally connected world. What Shervin Pishevar wants the world to become aware of is that the technological revolution is in its early stages.

From a mobile-first world to AI, technology is at the center of human development. Prioritizing mobile interfaces for the world wide web has done much to change the way people interact in their daily lives. This influence has altered the way new products are developed. The popularity of apps and the blazing speed of new cloud based software caused the development community to institute a mobile-first strategy. This results in those with desktop workstations needing to adjust their hard drives to use programs that either previously came standard or were easy downloads.

While putting mobile devices first improves the quality of experiences (i.e. smartphones), it takes away some power from workstations. This is more of a noteworthy statement about the direction tech and society are advancing. Relevance is seen in the next development stage of wearable technology and an AI-driven web that makes personal devices less significant. There are already several projects developing cloud recognition software for users via facial, fingerprints, eyes, voice, etc. that enable interfacing with public devices for personal use. These projects are different from logging in at your local library. An AI driven web that can recognize users, would make owning devices much less significant. Information (especially personal data) would be linked directly to each user.

Issues related to personal information controlled by large organizations has been the subject of much investigation this year. Circumventing account logins for a web system that is fundamentally linked to user identity would make many of these issues irrelevant. By calling attention to tech monopolies and the growing influence of innovation, Shervin Pishevar has made people take notice of the reshaping world. This movement thrives as it empowers individuals in ways never before seen.

Shervin Pishevar believes experimental monetary policies could end in disaster

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. He has worn many hats, acting as both the founder of many successful companies and, later, as one of the premier venture capitalists of the last decade. Some of the companies that his firm, Sherpa Capital, has funded in their critical early stages include such names as Virgin Hyperloop, Uber and Airbnb. As an entrepreneur in his own right, Shervin Pishevar has founded names ranging from Inside to Social Gaming Network, one of the largest interactive gaming companies in the country.

Somehow, Shervin Pishevar still finds time to run one of the most-followed Twitter feeds in the tech world. With more than 100,000 followers, when Shervin Pishevar tweets, he often commands the attention of some of the most important thought leaders in the country.

In a recent 21-hour tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar held forth on a wide variety of topics. In particular, he talked about the radical expansionist monetary policies that the Federal Reserve has been following since the financial crisis of 2008. Pishevar believes that the so-called quantitative easing measures that the Fed has been following will ultimately prove to have been little more than a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound, doing more harm in the long run than good.

Pishevar argues that one of the consequences of the Fed’s policies has been the creation of a global asset bubble. He points to the record valuations in the stock market, with a total Schiller P/E ratio currently exceeding 30 and flirting with all-time historic highs. Pishevar says that such lofty valuations have been historically non-sustainable. This means that anyone who currently buys into the market at such elevated prices will have extremely poor prospective returns over the next 10 to 20 years.

At the same time, Pishevar says that the flood of easy credit throughout the country has inflated a real estate bubble throughout much of the nation. This is particularly true in the urban areas located on the nation’s coasts. Pishevar says that the dramatically unaffordable housing prices have prevented young families from forming. This, he said, will have negative ripple effects throughout the economy for years to come.

Why Victoria Doramus Is a Great Marketer with a Global Impact

When it comes to marketing and fashion trends, Victoria Doramus has the required experience. She is known for her abilities and skills in identifying market patterns and coming up with creative solutions for the market. Some of the consumer trends she has specialized in include design, fashion, and lifestyle. Once she observes a market phenomenon, Victoria comes up with innovative solutions and marketing strategies to improve the market trend. Her deep insights in market and fashion have made her name great today. She was at Colorado University where she studied mass communication and journalism.

Victoria is a talented woman who has a big heart for charity work. She spends some time to find out the best ways to help the needy in the community. She has worked hard in the media sector in the previous years, and this shaped her various aspects. While she was in the communications industry, Victoria Doramus focused greatly on market analysis, creative campaigns, networking, and copy creation. Besides gaining creative and artistic marketing aptitude, Victoria also has unique practical skills in recruiting, budgeting, analysis, market research, and project management. After creating profound advertisement plans for Mindshare, Victoria went to work as a consultant for creative projects at Stila Cosmetics.

Victoria is a woman with a long history of great accomplishments. She made a great impact at Trendera through her leadership skills. She worked hard to produce market specific products, supervise contract workers, acquire new businesses, build marketing campaigns, and create new strong client relationships. She was a personal assistant to Peter Berg, a film director, before she got into some marketing and writing projects for high-end journals, magazines, and newspapers. Her marketing skills helped her to have great connections and relationships with Los Angeles and New York contractors. This helped her to manage Berg’s real estate business in New York. Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) knows the best strategies to use to create immense awareness of a service or product.

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Issues Public Apology

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of the Papa John’s. Recently the company was engrossed in a problem of lack of confidence from the customers. A racist outburst from one of the senior managers here had caused an uproar from the customers. Steve Ritchie being the CEO moved in to calm the atmosphere by writing a letter to the customers highlighting to them some of the measures that the company was ready to undertake in order to deal with the challenges that they were facing.

Steve Ritchie has written the first letter that was posted on the company’s website, but it was not well received as it was said to be lacking an apologetic touch as well as compassion. He did a second letter to the customers because he cares about the relationship of the company with the customers. The second letter was sent to customers through the main subscription. In the letter, he showed how apologetic the company was for the outburst, and highlighted some key measures that he would take to ensure that the relationship is not lost. He exuded confidence that the company would accomplish its targets and restore its public confidence.

In the letter, Steve Ritchie pledged to be the person to supervise the implementation of all the measures that the company needs to take. He is ready to take personal responsibility for any of them is not implemented.

According to, in the letter, Steve Ritchie reminded the customers that Papa john’s employs over 12,000 people and the opinion of one person should not be treated as an opinion that represents everyone working for this company. The company is represented by many people, and not just one even if he is the founder.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns thanked the people who have stood with the company for all those years it has been in operation and hopes to retain them even for a longer time. He appreciated that Papa John’s is the company it is today because of the customers. If they were to turn their back on it, then there would be no business. Ritchie (@stevemritchie) promised that the company will continue serving the customers to the best of their abilities and will always treat them in the right manner.


Ryan Seacrest Wears Many Hats and still Delivers

Ryan Seacrest is one individual who wears many hats, and they all fit well considering that he is a hard worker and committed to his daily activities. To begin with, he is a radio show personality, producer and television host and to be precise, and he has been the host of American Idol a competition show. Additionally, he hosted a countdown program American Top 40 and his hosting career began on Live with Kelly and Ryan where he played co-host. Other than these responsibilities, Ryan Seacrest owns a clothing line which he established after having a hard time getting exactly what he needed especially the suits and also considered others with similar experiences.

Additionally, he runs the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is not for profit and it majors in children’s’ medical needs and currently has nine branches. With all these activities in his daily life, one would wonder how he manages considering that nothing seems to go wrong in any of his careers. In that case, he attributes his achievements to his impatient character which he says has been helpful and causes things to get done on time. Additionally, according to the Hollywood Reporter, he appreciates that he has a reliable team in each sector that keeps him informed of all the activities taking place. Further, he has everything he needs for his work in the same location and does not necessarily have to commute to get things done.

Ryan Seacrest is the mind behind the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians which he takes pride in as the producer and co-creator and appreciates that it has been loved worldwide. With all these accomplishments, he has received various nominations like the Emmy Awards for American Idol, Live with Kelly and Ryan and production of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution which he won. His passion and love for what he does have made his working life easy as he does not struggle with any of his tasks. Additionally, he possesses a lot of confidence which helps him work quickly and efficiently at the same time. In that case, he has no time for making unnecessary mistakes and makes sure he knows his place especially when playing host in any instance.

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