Mike Baur And Max Meister Announce Antonio Gasser As SSUF’s New CMO

The Swiss Startup Factory is a new kind of investment firm in Switzerland that invests specifically in entrepreneurs and disruptive companies, and now joining this company is Antonio Gasser who will be expanding its marketing capabilities and managing the brand. Executive Chairman Mike Baur and CEO Max Meister have been pleased to welcome Gasser to the board as CMO because he has experience in media and publications including running a radio show known as “Tranceescape,” and later serving as CEO of Red Bull Media. Baur and Meister have stated that Gasser’s knowledge of big corporations and building ties with partners through media will add great value to the SSUF leadership and look forward to what he will bring.


Mike Baur has been the main driver of what the SSUF has been doing over the years, and he’s traveled around Europe speaking at seminars and hosting coaching sessions to help entrepreneurs learn how to make pitches to investors. Before he co-founded the SSUF, Baur was a top banking manager at UBS Bank and Clariden Leu. He started out as an apprentice at UBS back in 1991 at a time when going into banking was looked at as a great privilege in Switzerland. Baur was even given a chart that told him how to earn promotions, and if he followed this he would be able to retire comfortably the manager told him. When he was in his 20s, he became a portfolio advisor and received praise from the executives above him for meeting the needs of the banks wealthy clients. He stayed at UBS until 2008 when the financial crisis hit, and as the bank started its downturn Baur left for Clariden Leu. He served at Clariden Leu in upper management for a few years, but he left that position in 2014 never to return to banking.


Mike Baur wanted to go into startup investing not only because of what he was seeing happening with disruptive technology, but also because he wanted to change his approach and take risks. He teamed up with Meister and Goldback Group to start the SSUF, and he also began the vetting process so that investors could see that startups sponsored by the firm had a proven capability to give them a high ROI. The SSUF takes applicants into their 3-month accelerator program in batches, and if their business plan can pass the vetting process and survive the tough training activities during the period, they can be eligible for investments into their company and even have access to work space.


Equities First UK

Borrowers know one lender that they can trust with almost any deal. Equities First UK is a popular name because of their dedicated team. The firm was just founded back in 2002 and has already made a name for itself. Equities First UK is an important entity in its own right overall. They are prepared to help people get the funds that they need. Borrowers choose that firm first above all others now working in London.

Several news outlets have taken notice of Equities First and the work that they do. The firm is well known for its efforts in a number of fields. Equities First UK has name recognition and is a leading holder of stocks in their country. French newspapers have taken notice and want to spread the word. That has helped raise awareness about Equities First UK and their profile. People trust the firm and the effort that they give.

Alexandre Gama Entrepreneurship

Alexandre Gama is an award-winning publicist who hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gama is a renowned entrepreneur who founded Neogama in 1999. The company is an agency that deals with communications and advertising. What’s more, the businessman serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer as his capacity in Neogama.

With Gama at the helm, the company grew exponentially and was even listed as one of the top 20 advertising agency in Brazil. He first started his career in the advertising agency in 1982 where he worked as a copywriter at Ogilvy and Matter. He moved to several other organizations rising in ranks before establishing Neogama.


Alexandre Gama started winning awards right from his first job where he received an accolade of Gold and Silver Cannes Lions. Better still, he won numerous awards when he worked at DM9, ALMAP, and Young and Rubicam.

In 2002, the Neogama merged with Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) agency giving rise to NEOGAM/BBH. Again, Gama has earned global recognition for his work in advertising where he has won 18 Cannes Lions. International recognized brands such as Pepsi, Audi, and VW have come to the global limelight under his works.

Learn more about Alexandre Gama: http://www.vitaminauff.com.br/gigantes-da-publicidade-alexandre-gama/

The Creation of the Every Day Fitness Brand Fabletics

Fabletics has, in just a couple of years, become one of the most prominent fashion companies in the United States and with a high reputation in other countries across the world as well. In the market of fitness apparels, where women have to buy fitness clothing that usually has bland colors and inferior materials, Fabletics found a hole: No one was giving to these women what they wanted in their fitness clothes.


Right now, in the gym, in the park, and even on the streets, you can see hundreds of people using clothes made by Fabletics.


So, what did Fabletics do so well?


While men usually have no problem using shorts in the gray colors or that are black with a combination of white stripes, many types of women have personalities that are better complimented with bright and intense colors. When we work out, it is essential that we feel comfortable, but appeasing our own eyes when we check ourselves in the mirror is also a crucial step to keep exercising every single day.


In fact, there is no problem with gray shorts or leggings, and Fabletics have clothes that are single colored and more classical. The problem comes when other companies in the market are not offering enough options for women to choose from to complement their personalities. With different patterns, colors, dozens of various combinations in each piece of fitness apparel, Fabletics, which was popularized by Kate Hudson’s great marketing campaigns, is dominating its market because of the philosophy that every woman is unique.


Fabletics was founded in 2013, with the founders of Techstyle Fashion Group, the entrepreneurs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, working together with the actress and fashion beauty, Kate Hudson.


The help of Kate was crucial for the development of the brand, as her understanding of clothing and what women are looking for on what they wear in a daily basis, and what is missing in the market.


Although the founders of Techstyle Fashion Group have developed great brands throughout their years as business creators and developers, Kate Hudson showed them what was missing, not only in fitness apparels, but on the Internet when it comes to buying new clothes.


This is where they got the idea of using the “reverse showroom technique” to appeal to the masses, and Fabletics was created in 2013, not as a physical store, but instead began as an online shopping website for women to find the best clothing for their personalities and buy them straight from the internet.


Instead of focusing in guaranteeing that every person who wanted a Fabletics apparel would buy it straight from the official website, they decided to use the reverse showroom technique and redirect everyone who found a lower price in any of the online stores to the official website. What does it do for the consumer? If they found a lower price on the internet than what they found in the official website, they can still take that piece of clothing for that price.


Fabletics encourages consumers to take the Lifestyle Quiz to learn more about what Fabletics clothes fit better with your personality.

Under leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF soars to become leading developer in Brazil

Over the last forty years, Brazil has begun developing into one of the leading economies of Latin America. This transformation has been profound and far-reaching, with a country once known for being an underdeveloped third-world jungle becoming a magnet for the global elite and foreign capital.

One of the driving forces behind this transformation has been the ability of Brazilian companies to help the country pick itself up by the bootstraps. One way in which the country is being transformed into a highly developed and dynamic economy is through the creation of some of the most luxurious and sought-after real estate developments in all of Latin America.

Although it was little more than the sprawling slum 30 years ago, today, the city of Sao Paulo ranks among the most developed and thriving cities in all of Latin America. One company, JHSF Participacaoes, has been instrumental in transforming the city into a paragon of development and class. Today, if one were to stroll the streets of Sao Paulo, they can be excused for mistaking their surroundings for Paris or Hong Kong.

And it has been men like Jose Auriemo Neto, the CEO of JHSF Participacaoes, who have led the way. One example is the Parque Cidade Jardim development, a sprawling complex of mixed-use buildings that has become one of the most coveted properties in all of Sao Paulo. Parque Cidade Jardim features nine high-rise condominium towers, four Class A office towers and a gigantic, 180-store shopping center that features Luis Vuitton, Reebok Academy and a Cinemark mega-theater.

This property was developed from a badly dilapidated slum. Many people said that there was no value in redeveloping the plot of land, which is located adjacent to one of the busiest highways in all of Brazil. But Jose Auriemo Neto saw things differently. In 2001, he began drawing up plans for the gigantic complex. After running a series of feasibility studies, it was determined that there was potential business to build Parque Cidade Jardim. Today, Parque Cidade Jardim is completely occupied.

Bastter: https://www.bastter.com/mercado/acao/JHSF.aspx

Jeremy Goldstein’s Perception of the Knockout Options for Employees

Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in providing legal advice to corporations. He is a partner at a New York-based law firm and has more than 15 years of experience as a corporate attorney. Due to the elimination of stock options for employees, Jeremy decided to clarify the benefit of knockout options to employees.



In recent years, companies have stopped offering stock options for their employees. This is because of job problems that limit the benefits of stock options. For instance, a drop in stocks inhibits employees to exercise stock options. Alternatively, many employees fear that this method of compensation because economic downturns usually make the stocks worthless.



Benefits of Stock Options



Stock-based compensation can be superior to additional wages and insurance coverage. This is because of they provide equal value to all employees. Additionally, stock options increase an employee’s earnings when the company’s share value rises. This enhances the productivity of workers to provide the best services to satisfy customers and captivate potential clients.



Knockout Options



Knockout is the best option for corporations. These stock options are similar to their conventional counterparts because of the similarity in time limits and numerous requirements. Nevertheless, employees lose the knockout options if the share value falls below a predetermined value. Even so, employees can evade this incidence by canceling the stock options when the share value is consistently low for a week. Knockout options expel the bigger barriers in a company when it has stock-based compensation challenges.



Insights of Jeremy L. Goldstein



Jeremy L. Goldstein is an esteemed partner at a boutique law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. The firm is committed to advising CEOs, compensation committees, and corporations on corporate governance issues and executive compensation. Before establishing his law firm, Jeremy Goldstein was an avid partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. He has also participated in several leading corporate transactions like the acquisition of Goodrich by the renowned United Technologies and The Dow Chemical Company.



Jeremy Goldstein is a writer and speaker on issues like executive compensation. He is ranked as the top executive compensation attorney in The Legal 500 and the America’s Leading Business Lawyers. Jeremy is also an esteemed member of the NYU Journal of Law and Business’ Professional Advisory Board.



Connect with Jeremy Goldstein on LinkedIn.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Leads Bradesco To Substantial Organic Growth

The career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been characterized by strong devotion to his only employer which is the Brazilian banking firm of Bradesco. He has spent decades serving with them and gaining a deep understanding of their operations and unique business culture. He has spent time in various divisions of the bank developing his financial and leadership skills and some of them include Marketing, Insurance, and Pensions. His rise to prominence as their CEO has been as a result of steady growth throughout the years.

Trabuco, as he is best known, was educated at the University of São Paulo, where he graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. This academic path marked a departure from the typical course of highly placed banking executives who normally pursue Finance or Business degrees. However, it has worked inordinately well for Trabuco and Bradesco as they remain one of the largest, private banks in Brazil under his leadership.

Trabuco began his career with Bradesco as a clerk in his hometown of Marília in 1969, which initiated his comprehensive range of experience with the company. Here, he got a taste of customer service at the local branch level to gain important skills for his later work as a manager. After this time, which lasted for two years, Trabuco was transferred to the company’s headquarters in São Paulo where he embarked upon a path of continual growth and advancement within the company.

Follow Luiz Carlos Trabuco on LinkedIn

One noteworthy chapter in his journey with Bradesco was the time he spent as the head of their marketing efforts. He was instrumental as he initiated a significant reform, which modernized their communications. He established a relationship with the financial media for the first time in Bradesco’s history. This has enabled them to increase their brand awareness with the public and it shows Trabuco’s understanding of modern business practices.

A large marketing campaign was brought about by Trabuco when the Insurance division of Bradesco sponsored the Christmas Tree of Lagoa, in Rio de Janeiro. It was one of the largest such campaigns in their history and it was very popular with the public as it ran for 20 consecutive years. It brought a great deal of attention to Bradesco Seguros and strengthened the Insurance business.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the top manager at Bradesco’s Insurance division from 2003-2009. Under his leadership, the Insurance business flourished and enjoyed substantial growth and was a main driver for the company’s overall prosperity. They doubled in size during Trabuco’s tenure and strengthened their leadership position in Brazil and Latin America.

Trabuco received high praise for his efforts in leading Bradesco’s Insurance business when he was named twice as the Insurance Personality of the Year. His excellent performance also elevated his name into the conversation regarding the CEO position. He became the frontrunner as executives within and without Bradesco acknowledged that he would be a good fit for the job.

In 2009 Trabuco was appointed to the CEO position when he succeeded Márcio Cypriano to become only the fourth man to fill the position. He took over after Cypriano helped Bradesco grow substantially with acquisitions. It was also a sensitive time in the world of finance due to the Great Recession and its fallout. Trabuco successfully guided them through these economic soft patches and helped them focus on organic growth. His leadership has helped them add 7 million new accounts and increased their resources remarkably.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco received a high honor when he was declared to be the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance by Isto É Dinheiro Magazine. This was for the massive acquisition that he engineered when Bradesco purchased the Brazilian branch of HSBC in 2015. It was a major milestone and illustrates his financial knowledge and abilities.

Fabletics Goes to the Streets

You have probably heard of Fabletics as an online business. You may not know that they now have stores you can go to in select areas. You might be wondering why they decided to go this route and how it can help you get the clothing you want and the quality you look for in your exercise clothing.


How They Started

Kate Hudson started Fabletics to give women a different kind of exercise clothing that will also help you to look and feel your best. She started it online because she thought it would give everyone a chance to get the clothing they want at a price they can afford.


Fabletics started as an online business with a subscription platform. They were one of the first ones to get business simply by asking customers to pick the clothing they like the best and have it sent to their homes. If you already have a subscription like this with them, it will help you when you go to the stores as well. The subscription service lets you also start and stop the service when needed. This is nice for you if you want to go on a vacation and make sure you won’t get your package while you are not at home.


Moving to Stores

After they had such a successful run with their online stores, they decided to add these store fronts to their business. By doing this, they are letting customers like you to see the products in person as well as to touch the ones they think they might want to buy. You also can try on clothing like this and see how it will look on you before you get it. This is a huge advantage to just signing up online and waiting to see what happens.


If you are looking for great clothing that will help you to get the most out of your exercise clothing, then you might want to consider Fabletics. This clothing company will help you to get the best clothing for your needs and you don’t have to leave your home if you don’t want to.

George Soros: Quantum Fund Chairman

George Soros is a World leading stock trader, philanthropist and a true advocate of peaceful co-existent in our countries. He is the chairman of Quantum Fund that made him listed as the 19th richest person in the whole world as listed by Forbes in February 2017. He was born and brought up in the Kingdom of Hungary in a small city called Budapest. He is the son of once a great lawyer and a great mum who was a great writer. He was born at a time when political upheavals were the life. He survived many massacres including the Budapest siege. It was a very serious war whereby it used to be house to house, person to person operation. His parents struggled to secure him from the wars. Having been born into a Jewish family they had to hide their identities in order to survive the deadly days on this earth.

The family of George Soros relocated from Budapest, the Kingdom of Hungary to England specifically in London for advancement in his studies. He struggled but later joined London School of Economics to pursue a Bachelors of Science degree in Philosophy. After graduation, he proceeded to pursue masters at the same university. He completed and faced the real reality of life. He started applying for many jobs to get shortlisted for interviews but his request was turned down. He started as a sales person and then was referred to work at Singer and Friedlander. He then joined another company, F.M Mayer in the same year. He worked for another two years as a clerk and then moved as an analyst at Wertheim & Co. He worked for a half decade and joined Arnhold and S.Bleichroeder. There, he worked for ten years as the vice president and that is how he forgot about becoming a philosopher.

In the year 1970, George Soros founded a company called Soros Fund Management. He became the company’s chairman at that time. He worked together with the assistance of other directors. In 1973, Soros resigned from a company called Double Edge Fund. This was as a result of conflicting interests and they limited him from operating the two companies. He thought of establishing Soros fund and pleaded with the investors of Double Edge to invest part of their shares with the company. Later he changed the name of his company to Quantum Fund which they named after the theory of called quantum mechanics. The value of the company had grown to $12m. They kept on reinvesting their profits together with Jim Rodgers. By the year 1981, their fund was $400m and had also made 22% losses. Some investors also made some redemptions that reduced the value to $200 m.The fund by the year 2013 had generated $40 billion dollars.

The success and philanthropy of tycoon Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is broadly known for being among the outstanding businessmen. Nevertheless, he has a lot of confidence and firmly believes that his success is not an outcome of luck for he worked to facilitate the achievement. It is also important to acknowledge the fact that he is has humility and this is the virtue that makes him not consider himself to be above the rest. To act as a role model and a source of encouragement to the rest, he has outlined the way in which he utilized to enhance his success. Remarkably, he is an author of a published book describing the way he prospered. The book goes by the title “They Can’t Eat You.” The book is available at Amazon.com. Being a philanthropist, he never keeps all his money individually.


Being a serial mogul implies that he never started an individual business the easy way. It took him a lot of effort. About the Bloomberg article post, Marc has set up several businesses. He specifically engages himself in telecommunication alongside other kinds of activities.


Marc is also an investment capitalist. The implication is that he provides starting capital to the firms that they consider as potential and are seemingly likely to prosper. The projection of this is high. Learn more: https://classroomvoices.org/marc-sparks-risk-taker-in-and-out-of-business/


Notwithstanding the fact that he has been prosperous, he has gained a lot from the book “They Can’t Eat You” as it has been selling significantly. It has acted as a source of inspiration to others alongside the entry and investment in the business globe. This is in line with the fact that it offers some valuable tips for enhancing success in business. He has the feeling that everyone has the potential of becoming successful. Learn more: https://twitter.com/msparks5010?lang=en


Notably, he is a significant philanthropist. This aspect is what makes him not to keep his entire wealth personally. His contributions can be seen through the projects that he has funded. An example is his donation to an initiative around his Dallas local area. The program gives assistance to the youth to facilitate their attainment of a high school diploma. He not only offers to donate money but also invests part of his time in the program. This is an important decision as he can ascertain that the money allocated is utilized accordingly and might even contribute much more depending on the ways he considers it suitable.


As well, he has worked with the Habitat For Humanity in the program of setting up house structures for the needy. He is also a volunteer at The Samaritan Inn which is a local shelter for the homeless in Texas particularly Dallas. Therefore, it is important to appreciate Marc Sparks for his endeavors to make the lives of everyone improve. Learn more here: http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/