The Truth About Hussain Sajwani and the Upcoming IPO Possibilities for DAMAC Group

Damac is the company within the UAE associated most often with eye-catching marketing feats (“get your free Bentley after you get your luxury apartment“), glitzy property arrangements and captivating golf course projects with Donald Trump.

However, in the (somewhat) wild Dubai majlis of the chairman and founder, Hussain Sajwani, the pride of the building is placed in the plaque signifying its roots in an entirely separate business.

“In honor of excellent food service for the United States army throughout Operation Desert Storm,” it states. This references the work Mr. Sajwani’s organization carried out during the start of the Iraq war in 1991.

“We served for the Americans across the globe in Bosnia, Somalia and the Gulf and for big American business such as Bechtel as well,” mentions the 57-year-old. The food company remains as a part of Damac Group’s work and stands both as a remembrance of Mr. Sajwani’s (@hussainsajwani) business ability and of his expertise in cultivating friends in the places where it makes a difference on the global level.

He is allowing those skills to be put to good use once again. Now as Damac gets ready to capitalize on the recovery of UAE property rates, they’ll also consider initial public offerings of stocks with groups like the London Stock Exchange. They are one of many possible IPO venues.

In an interview with CNBC, Sajwani mentioned that with the beginning phases of the upcoming IPO process underway, he’s limited as to the things he’s able to say but reveals “as a firm of our scale and our design, each one of these choices is available. However, it rests on the suggestion of the banking firms. We’re speaking with various institutions but have not hired any of them concerning an IPO yet.”

On the reasons why an IPO is still thought of as a “hypothetical”, he mentions is that “we have bonds and cash as a safety net. We also only have a debt ratio of 10%. That’s why we aren’t in much need of the resources. But it can still provide room for growth. It can also be a means for us to take some funds from the company. Still, every option is open.” Follow Sajwani on Instagram.

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Gareth Henry Reveals the Changes in the Private Credit Sector

Gareth Henry is the Global Head of Investor Relations for Alternative Investment Managers and he was recently featured on the Daily Forex Report website in an article titled “An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry.” The article was written by Clare Davis to explore the potential private credit options available while also demonstrating Gareth Henry’s expertise. He has worked for large companies like Fortress Investments and for Angelo Gordon and has gained a large amount of quality experience in the private credit market. He has also worked for Schroders as the Director of Strategic Solutions after he graduated from the University of Edinburgh. When he was studying actuarial mathematics he realized he loved the intersection between finance and mathematics.

After he gained practical experience in the financial world, he realized that economics and risk management were his passion. He also has the added benefit of being a mathematician with people skills, he can speak with his clients or even strangers about investments easily, drawing him closer to raising capital and working with investor relations. His background has given him deep insight into the private credit market and has discovered several factors that have impacted it recently. One thing that has created a change in the private credit sector is the change in banking policies after the financial crisis in 2008.

Banks no longer lend as much to private companies, especially mid-sized companies because of the regulation changes. There are also a variety of challenges that public companies face including the increased regulation because of the accounting scandals in the past. Those in the private credit sector have also recognized a shift because public companies are subject to the whims of the investors who may react harshly when they do not perform as they had planned to. This creates added pressure for the company to perform immediately and may hinder the company from doing well in the long run. However, Gareth Henry recognizes that there is a lot of potential in the private credit world. He believes a key to succeeding in the industry is his ability to find a variety of investor preferences with the different product types.

Alastair Borthwick Is a World Icon

In Scotland, Alastair Borthwick carries the flag for his exceptional work in broadcast, journalism, and authorship. Everyone is a guru in his area of expertise and being exceptional is what makes the difference. The society remembers you for your exceptional works. What is your relevancy in your area of expertise? Another field that harbors so many celebrities is journalism and broadcast. It’s the field that built the legacy of Borthwick, and that makes him be celebrated fifteen years since his demise.

Who is Alastair Borthwick?

Alastair Borthwick was a Scottish journalist, author, and broadcaster who lived between 17th February 1935 and 25th September 2003. Rutherglen is his birth town but was raised in Troon before later shifting to Glasgow where he pursued Glasgow High school. At sixteen years, he started working for Glasgow Herald, a smaller newspaper firm where he wrote on a wide variety of articles. Through his writing for the Herald’s “open air” page, he discovered rock climbing which was mainly known for the rich and young working-class Glaswegians.

Borthwick is the author of many books with the popular one being “Always a Little Further” which was published in the year 1939. He also served with British armed forces in Western Europe, Sicily, and North Africa. Initially, Borthwick served as a private officer in the Highland Light Infancy, but as a result of his OTC experience, he was promoted to the level of the second lieutenant in 1939. Nevertheless, the commission was dissolved until 1941.

After the Word War II, Borthwick wrote another book, Sans Peur which gave the account of his regiment during the 2nd half of the war. For other parts of his vocation, he operated mostly as a TV and radio broadcaster, and continued with his writing occupation.


Alastair Borthwick contributions are evident and range from the world of literacy, broadcasting to mountain climbing. His relevancy is evident even after several years of his demise. His books have continued to shine the light to the younger generations, and his legacy is not only there to be remembered but has continued to be an eye-opener to many.

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GreenSky Credit Sees Great Performance In Second Quarter Before Partnership With American Express

Recently, GreenSky Credit made a deal with American Express to create a partnership between the 2 companies. This business move will give the company access to the merchant base of American Express and is expected to boost their platform considerably. The deal is also expected to be beneficial to American Express who is trying to attract more merchants as a part of their new strategy for growth.

GreenSky Credit only offers their products to customers with good credit, meaning that their risks of not being paid back are small. The company has built a strong network of banks, healthcare providers, and home improvement businesses. This type of networking is still crucial to their growth strategy. Their methods are clearly working if their impressive results from the second quarter of 2018 are any indication.

This partnership with American Express is adding an entirely new dimension of growth that runs alongside the methods that GreenSky is already implementing. It is predicted that this partnership will be fully implemented sometime in 2019 and is expected to bring the price per share of GreenSky to around $26 by 2020. This estimate is approximately 30% higher than their current price of approximately $20.

Form 2015 to 2017, the merchant base of GreenSky grew by around 50% each year. According to predictions, this number may reach 30,000 before 2021. The company may have increased their number of merchants, but the transactions per merchant have decreased. With the help of American Express, more merchants that are high-end are expected to be added to their base which will minimize this decline. They are expected that the transaction volume per merchant with the company will reach about $290,000 by 2020.

Their numbers in the second quarter of 2018 show that as a public company they are off to a great start. Their transaction volume increased by 36% in that time frame and is expected to continue to increase. They will now have access to the virtual payment system offered by American Express as well. The strategic alliance that is being formed with American Express will continue to allow GreenSky to grow and is expected to increase their share of the market.

Malcolm Casselle : Changing the gaming landscape

OPSkings, the largest bitcoin Merchant in the world has recently introduced a concept in which the two largest problems of virtual assets markets (Fraud & fragmentation. They are seeking to accomplish this by implementing a block-chained enabled widget that will allow users to make in-game transactions without having to exit out and partake in dangerous or restrictive transactions imposed by their government. This will surely introduce a new era of optimal asset trading between users.

One of the leaders behind this movement is Malcolm Casselle. CasSelle has been revered by past clients and project associates respectively. “Maclome is one of the most exceptional and dynamic people I’ve ever met. He never ceases to amaze those around him” said Charles Shapard an advisor in GM Eastern China. Graduating with a Bachelors in computer science from MIT and a masters from Stanford University along with speaking both Mandarin and Japanese, Caselle’s educational accolades are a blueprint for those who wish to follow in his footprints and a window into the skills required for the future.

Before Joining WAX, Casselle was an international entrepreneur and a chief advisor to many companies such as China’s division of Groupon, Tronc, Seachange international and many more. Casselle has also been an early investor for companies which are now very well known (Facebook, Xfire, and most recent bitcoin-related companies).

Today Malcolm Casselle is the President of WAX and focusing his attention on optimizing the world of gaming and cryptocurrency. On a recent quote taken from Casselle, he states that “The gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency into the mainstream”. It will be to no surprise when those words will come to fruition. The future for WAX and Malcolm Casselle is bright, the industry will follow their guidance and soon the rest of the gaming world.

Stream Energy Provides Hurricane Relief

After Hurricane Harvey, many people and organizations were scrambling to find a way to help in the aftermath of this tragedy. However, one company was already prepared, willing and able to help. As it happens, stream energy had made a surplus of revenue in the aftermath of its energy sales business. As such, they became one of the first organizations to contribute to the relief effort. Of course, this is nothing new for them. From the moment of their inception, philanthropy has always been the lifeblood of stream energy and they even recently launched a charity organization known as stream cares in an effort to continually fund the recovery effort in Texas as well as the rest of the nation.

As it turns out, corporate America is a lot less stingy than one might think. In fact, just last year, they gave over $19 billion to various charities and philanthropic endeavors both in America and overseas, and that’s not even counting the volunteering of time and donations by individual employees of these companies. In particular, this cause hits close to home as stream energy is based out of Dallas and they’ve established steadfast relationships with philanthropic organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. One of the causes they focus on in particular is the impoverished and those who are currently without their own residence.

Over the past few years, stream energy has noticed a 24% increase in homelessness throughout the city of Dallas alone and they are determined to cut that number in half in the next five years. One of their notable passion projects involves working with another Dallas-based philanthropic organization known as Hope Supply Co. Together, they have managed to cover the entrance costs of thousands of different homeless children to participate in Splash For Hope. This event allows thousands of different underprivileged children to attend a local water park and provides them with money and supplies to help keep them fed. So we wish them the best of luck in their future projects and hope they are successful in all their future philanthropic endeavors.

Hussain Sajwani: Why I am Taking the DAMAC Empire to China

While change can be difficult, inertia can be pretty damaging especially from the business point of viewing things. When it comes to handling with business in the corporate world, stagnation is as good as going backwards. Nevertheless, when the industry becomes saturated, enterprises have to penetrate new verticals in order to pursue growth. That brings us to Hussain Sajwani, a real estate entrepreneur dedicated to revolutionizing the industry by expanding his business to different states.

Looking at Hussain Sajwani’s Career

Born to Mr. Ali Sajwani, Hussain always loved business. He was passionate about starting a brand from a tender age. Therefore, he began managing his father’s company from that point. It took him some time to understand how the business operated but he grasped the basics and served the clients diligently. Every time his father traveled to China to get more supplies, Sajwani would run the shop. That is how he cultivated leadership values. He then joined a school that offered courses in medicine and quit because his interests changed. To further his education, he relocated to the United States of America then enrolled in economics as the prestigious University of Washington. He would later find a job opportunity at a company called GASCO. This firm dealt with the supply of oil in the United Arab Emirates. Sajwani worked as the contracts manager. He oversaw general operations. At the same time, he wanted to venture into business. Therefore, he launched a small company that dealt with the provision of food and catering supplies. His business was prosperous thereby enabling him to start another venture called DAMAC Properties. Today, DAMAC Properties is an empire of different business units within the same umbrella. You can read more details on his website.

DAMAC Properties and its Affiliates

Hussain Sajwani is definitely one of the world’s wealthiest business professionals. His success story sits on DAMAC Properties, a luxurious firm which is the parent company to other partnerships including Nine Elms Property and Mina Al-Sultan. He has expanded this business into other states, and recently, he talked about taking it to China since this is the new business docket for many entrepreneurs seeking to diversify their services and products. Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, believes that with portfolio diversification, he will attract more clients into his venture thereby garnering more profits.

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From An Intern To Being The Cornerstone Of Brazil’s Tourism Sector, An Inside Look At The Guilherme Paulus Story

No matter how ignorant they might be, most Brazilians are familiar with the name Guilherme Paulus. Born in Sao Paulo, Guilherme Paulus is among individuals who have contributed significantly to taking the Brazilian tourism sector to the international map.

Currently, the owner of one of Latin’s America largest tour operators, known as CVC, Guilherme’s efforts have not been overlooked as he has been recognized and awarded multiple times. For instance, he was recently honored with the Entrepreneur of the Year accolade.

Guilherme Paulus deserves all the good fortunes crossing his path as he has worked so hard to reach where he is today. Paulus began working his way up the ladder by interning at IBM, and it was while here that he came across Carlos Cerchiari who gave him the idea of CVC. At a young age of twenty-four years, he joined forces with Carlos, and together they set up the first CVC office ever in 1972. Even though it was a success, Carlos left, leaving Paulus to run the business alone. Being a positive minded individual with an incredible entrepreneurship drive and ambition, Guilherme took this as a challenge, and he set his mind to excelling only. Since then he has helped broaden the horizons of CVC through unique business moves. For instance, in 2009, he reviewed the market for companies that could help CVC expand even more and sold part of it to the Carlyle group. This move has proved to be beneficial because today, CVC generates revenues of up to $5.2 billion annually and what’s more impressive is that this figure continues to increase with each wake.

To ensure consistent growth, Guilherme Paulus has dedicated himself to opening up a 100 stores annaully in different parts of the country, a factor that contributes massively to the firm’s expansion. However, unlike most investors, Paulus understands the essence of social accountability which is why he continuously gives back to the society through his company. For instance, Paulus donates to charities such as PIET, an organization dedicated to providing those who hail from poor backgrounds with access to quality education.

A little background info on Guilherme

Guilherme was born in Sao Paulo in 1949. He also grew up and studied his business administration course here and later interned at IBM. Besides CVC, Guilherme Paulus is also the business mind behind GJP resorts.

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Sahm Adrangi Major Contribution in the World Business

Project management currently has taken completely different dimension where established, and upcoming a capitalist have to look professional advice and help before committing to any form of investment. Sahm Adrangi is a perfect example of such analysts. Mr. Adrangi has been supporting investors around the globe to make profitable and wise decisions. By utilizing his extensive research, several investment industries have managed to revolutionize and stand during hard economic times.

Sahm Adrangi tackles these issues by addressing people in conferences and seminars as well. In most cases, investors who have emerged to be successful have mentors behind them who guide them all through. In addition, normally you will find a group of investors coming together to organize meetings and seminars where they engage financial analysts for advice and facilitation.

A good example is Whitney Tilson who has benefited a lot from such meeting held by financial analysts. He has greatly invested in this knowledge of inviting the analysts to address issues affecting investors. The core benefit of these meetings organized for analysts is that different persons are given diverse topics to handle.

This means by the end of the day, capitalists and other attendees will get adequate knowledge and advice concerning various projects. Mr.Sahm Adrangi has worked in this industry now for several of years. Sahm has helped to state investment projects and companies that are working perfectly well. This has made him very important and resourceful in terms of facilitation because he works out of the experience.

Extensive Research has greatly contributed to his performance in the projects he has undertaken. Kerrisdale Capital which is very successful is one of his companies that have set the path in the industry. Mr. Sahm Adrangi does not entertain business people who create w scam businesses to corn people and make money illegally. He has even compiled a list of all falsely operating companies as a way of encouraging and maintaining ethics in business.

Every time Mr.Sahm Adrangi is invited to talk in forums related to investments, he never disappoints. He is conversant with the latest trends in the market and therefore he is able to give professional advice to investors.

Shervin Pishevar: Tech Monopolies and Reshaping the World

Shervin Pishevar brought attention to the continued growing influence of tech companies. The impact to global and regional economies is enormous. Understand that Shervin Pishevar recognizes the world is already in a modern age. The Internet solidified a globally connected world. What Shervin Pishevar wants the world to become aware of is that the technological revolution is in its early stages.

From a mobile-first world to AI, technology is at the center of human development. Prioritizing mobile interfaces for the world wide web has done much to change the way people interact in their daily lives. This influence has altered the way new products are developed. The popularity of apps and the blazing speed of new cloud based software caused the development community to institute a mobile-first strategy. This results in those with desktop workstations needing to adjust their hard drives to use programs that either previously came standard or were easy downloads.

While putting mobile devices first improves the quality of experiences (i.e. smartphones), it takes away some power from workstations. This is more of a noteworthy statement about the direction tech and society are advancing. Relevance is seen in the next development stage of wearable technology and an AI-driven web that makes personal devices less significant. There are already several projects developing cloud recognition software for users via facial, fingerprints, eyes, voice, etc. that enable interfacing with public devices for personal use. These projects are different from logging in at your local library. An AI driven web that can recognize users, would make owning devices much less significant. Information (especially personal data) would be linked directly to each user.

Issues related to personal information controlled by large organizations has been the subject of much investigation this year. Circumventing account logins for a web system that is fundamentally linked to user identity would make many of these issues irrelevant. By calling attention to tech monopolies and the growing influence of innovation, Shervin Pishevar has made people take notice of the reshaping world. This movement thrives as it empowers individuals in ways never before seen.