Drew Madden, an IT expert in the Healthcare Sector

Two reports have been of much discussion in the healthcare sector this week. One of the stories claims that CVS is planning to purchase Aetna, a health insurance giant. The second report is that of Amazon obtaining pharmacy license in several states. A source claimed that these licenses are covering the healthcare-associated equipment delivery. The permits have nothing to do with prescription medication delivery, but it is obvious that Amazon is working toward obtaining such licenses. This move by Amazon will pose a significant threat to main industry players like Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs) and CVS. CVS’s move to purchase of the health insurance looks like a defensive mechanism against Amazon. It is clear that these two giant companies are trying to be the owners of healthcare consumers. Amazon is a famous everything store, and providing pharmaceuticals will be adding to its already broader consumer-facing platform.

By the year 1900, life expectancy was 47 years. Religious institutions owned most of the hospitals during this time. More people died due to infection during the war than on the battlefield. Currently, the U.S healthcare sector is worth $3 trillion. The country spends around $9,237 for healthcare per person which is three times more as compared to other first-world nations. Nonetheless, not much result comes out of this. Many entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector are trying to solve the problems that they can see. Coming up with ideas to solve existing problems has become the biggest issue in the healthcare field as this locks out other opportunities from discovery.

Dew Madden is an IT entrepreneur in the healthcare industry who loves creating unique high-level teams as well as attractive cultures for companies and true client partnerships. In 2010, Drew became part of Nordic Consulting Partners where he worked as the president to 2016 from 2011. Nordic is the largest Epic consulting organization. Under the leadership of Drew, Nordic expanded from 10 to 725 workers, 3 to 150 partners as well as the annual revenues going up from $1 million to $1.3 billion. Drew is a graduate of Iowa College of Engineering with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering majoring in medical systems.