Dr. Saad Saad – career

Who is Dr. Saad Saad? Saad is a Palestine born refugee who is now a retired pediatric surgeon in the university. From a refugee to a top professional in the United States. This is no joke. It is an accomplishment that is made by people who are committed to hard work. Dr.Saad grew up in Kuwait after leaving Palestine. He got a chance to finish his education at the Cairo University where he graduated with honors in medical studies. This was the opportunity that opened the doors for Saad. He got an internship in England before moving to the United States to practice pediatric surgery. It is now 45 years after moving to the United States, and his accomplishments are still worth talking about.

Dr. Saad is a board-certified pediatric surgeon. He has practiced in various hospitals in the United States on top of serving in various medical missions in the U.S and outside the country. He supported medical missions in Jerusalem and West Bank. These missions targeted the poor people who need medical attentions. As a humble young boy growing up in the Middle East, he was no different from what is happening to the poor right now, he saw the best gift that he could give them as free medical attention.


In his years in service, he has attended to hundreds of children and teenagers from different parts of the world. He has also attended to both the rich and the poor. Dr. Saad had the honor of serving as the personal pediatric surgeon to the Saudi Royal. This is a prestigious position that could make anyone happy. The appointment was approval of his skills as a pediatric surgeon. As a surgeon who could speak Arabic and English fluently, this was an added advantage. He served at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital for almost five years before heading back to the United States where he continued with the delivery of medical services.


In the Middle East, he did not just leave without an impact. One of the greatest achievements he made was to establish the Surgical Residency Program. This is a program that led to a partnership between Saudi Arabia and the Royal College of Surgeons in England. In the partnership, students who wanted to pursue studies in medical disciplines would get training in Saudi Arabia, and they would be given the Royal College Certification. The program stopped the high number of students who were moving abroad to get training on the same.


Dr. Saad life can be summed up as a product of hard work and commitment. From a refugee to a top pediatric doctor in the United States was a great achievement. His story is an inspiration to many more people who may be born in challenging environments. You should never give up no matter the background you come from. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html


Penelope Kokkinides contributions towards improving the Medicare systems in Puerto Rico

Recently, President Donald Trump met with a number of women at the white house to discuss the role of women in the healthcare sector. The main reason for this meeting was to discuss the means that would improve and solve the healthcare crisis in Puerto Rico. One of these women was Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief Administration Officer of Innovacare Health a leading company in North America offering managed health care in Puerto Rico.

Penelope kokkinides is one of the educated women in North America who can help transform the healthcare services in the region to smart and improved services to the clients. In the meeting, she says if the Medicare system falls, the clients will suffer by paying huge amounts of fees to get the services. She emphasizes on the funding of the Medicare services so as to improve its efficiencies in the services offered.

Penelope Kokkinides has a vast experience in managing the health care operations. She has worked in many health firms where she has gained experience in the improvement of the organization’s infrastructure, improving the efficiency of various operations as well as an expert in developing clinical programs. She worked for government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare and Centerlight Healthcare among other organizations.

She graduated from Binghamton University with Biological Sciences and classical languages. She also went to New York University where she attained a master’s degree in Social work. In addition, she also went to Columbia University where she obtained a second masters degree in Public health. She has an educational background that gives proof about her expertise in her career.

She has also had a number of different positions in Innovacare Health such as the Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare Health where through her expertise she greatly contributed to every aspect of the company’s growth and development. She also served as the Vice President of the Company’s clinical Operations and this is one of the reasons the company has a big name in North America because she is known to be an expert in Clinical Operations.

Through InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides can help transform the status of the Medicare system in Puerto Rico by contributing to the achievement of the company’s main objectives which are the provision of advanced technological health services, which are cost-effective, high quality and fully managed health care services in Puerto Rico. Besides, she can also help to improve the skills of other health care providers by sharing her ideas through various social media platforms.