Rick Smith – Leading Securus Technologies to Success in Correctional Sphere

Securus Technologies is one of the most successful and prominent technology companies in the field of prison technology and inmate communications. Even though the company is relatively younger than many of its counterparts, it has been able to achieve tremendous success in a brief period, primarily due to exemplary leadership skills showcased by the CEO of the company, Richard Smith, famously called as Rick Smith. He became the Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies in the year 2008, and since then has dedicated himself to taking Securus Technologies to the pinnacle of success through extensive research and development spree and helping the company develop some of the most innovative and ground-breaking products and services in the correctional sphere. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Securus Technologies provides its products and services to more than 1.2 million prisoners across the country, and the number is rising at a staggering pace. It is because of the rapid expansion of the company’s operational territory in the recent years. Moreover, the law enforcement agencies, as well as the correctional agencies, are witnessing the growth of the company as well as the quality of its products and services, which are compelling enough to make the companies interested sufficiently to try it. Securus Technologies, under the leadership of Rick Smith, has invested more than $600 million into research and development as well as patent acquisition, which has helped the company to provide products and services that redefine the incarceration experience as we know it.

Securus has expanded its service portfolio rapidly under the leadership of Rick Smith, who wants to make the company, a market leader in the inmate communication, criminal justice, crime prevention, and prison technology sector. Securus Technologies has successfully managed to build products and provide services in the areas of communications, biometric analysis, incident management, emergency response, monitoring and surveillance, public information, parolee tracking, inmate self-service, investigation, and more.

Rick Smith has done his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York and continued his higher education at the University of Rochester, where he completed his Masters in Business Administration. Before starting out as President and CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has worked as the President and COO of the Eschelon Telecom Inc for three years. His extensive experience in the field of technology and the correctional sphere is the key to success of the Securus Technologies in recent years. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

The standards of services provided by the company have improved and enhanced massively under the management formed by Rick Smith Securus, and it can be seen by the numerous awards the company has received in recent years. One of the most notable awards received by the company for its customer service is the Gold Stevie Award, which is an award given in honor of corporate excellence in various departments.

Talk Fusion Impresses With Coveted Industry Award

Talk Fusion was established way way back in 2007, almost a different era, by CEO Bob Reina. Bob Reina accurately foresaw that their would be an exploding marketplace for video communications and video marketing on the internet. Reina wanted to get in ahead of the crowd and make his mark early with a product that was advanced and a staff that was always cutting edge. Of course, a decade later, Talk Fusion continues to impress. In fact, Talk Fusion has been so impressive that they’ve won another prestigious industry award — this one from Technology Marketing Corporation. Technology Marketing Corporation awarded Talk Fusion with their 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award for Talk Fusion’s effort on the Video Chat application.


Of course, to people outside of the industry Technology Marketing Corporation may not have much of an impact. However, for companies that work within the voice, data, and video product solution industry there are rarely any honors that come more well received. Technology Marketing Corporations CEO, Rich Tehrani, said, “It gives me great pleasure to honor the recipients of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award.” Tehrani went on to say that these winners were, “True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.”


The award, as we stated above, was doled out for Talk Fusion’s impressive work on their Video Chat application. The Video Chat application is the most refined and popular application in the Talk Fusion marketing suite, which is now available for download on iOS and Android devices. The Video Chat application allows users to connect via video across multiple platforms in order to communicate in real time. The Video Chat app uses WebRTC technology and is as intuitive as it sounds.


CEO Bob Reina, who is a former police officer, has always been a people person. Reina states, “This is just the beginning.” If we’ve seen anything over the past ten years of Talk Fusion’s growth then we have to admit that, well, maybe Bob Reina is right — there is more impressive work to come.

Beverly Hills Auto Group Has What You are Looking For

If you want to buy a BMW, be sure tobuy a used one over a new one. It will save you a lot of money and you will know exactly what you are getting. When you buy used, you will get to choose from a lot more models than just the current year and you can even get a customized car for a fraction of the cost.


Beverly Hills Auto Group is the place to go if you’re shopping around for a used luxury BMW. Beverly Hills Auto Group offers great deals on vehicle that will pass any inspection. You can even bring your own mechanic to look over the cars. Beverly hills Auto Group offers great customer service and great process and will go above and beyond to get you into the car that you want. Beverly Hills Auto Group will take your trade-in for a fair price, too.

Honey Birdette-They Have What you are Looking For

Honey Birdette is an enticing Australian brand of lingerie that has just launched its US e-commerce site. They decided that this was a good move after finding that there was a 374% increase in sales over just 12 months from their US customers. The new site promises to deliver a better customer experience with faster shipping, easier returns, and even free shipping on orders over $50.

Honey Birdette was founded by Eloise Monaghan and Australian entrepreneur and it is expected that the three stores in the UK will expand to as many as 40 by the end of 2018. There is a retail store in London’s Covent Garden, the first to expand outside of Australia, and there is a store located in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and one in Westfield White City.

Honey Birdette is expecting to open up shop in 10 more locations in the UK, including one in Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Westfield Stratford. Honey Birdette is also targeting 40 additional stores by the end of next year and already has 55 stores in Australia. Europe is the next area of expansion.

As seen on Instagram, Honey Birdette came to be when two friends were discussing how the lingerie market didn’t have the kind of items tat they were looking for. They decided to change that and that is how Honey Birdette came to be.

Honey Birdette is a unique boutique and you will realize that as you walk through the door for the first time or browse their vast selection online. Even the glossy, black doors ooze a sensual enticing feeling of lust and as you stroll though the lush décor and browse the sultry collections, you will feel a spark of passion ignite within oyur very soul. You will find everything from sexy lingerie, to massage candles and everything in between.

Find more Honey Birdette on Facebook and  YouTube.

Nick Vertucci; the Real Estate Guru who is Giving Back to Society

Nick Vertucci is the founder and chief executive officer of NV Real Estate Academy. His life made an unexpected turn when he lost his father. Nick was only ten years old. His mother had to work extra hard for long nights. Nick decided to move out in an effort to help out. He ventured into business and began selling computer parts several years later. Vertucci eventually got married and had three children. Things took a turn for the worst when he lost all his investments during the dot-com crash of 2000. He realized that he had not invested for the future. He was caught off guard by the market performance on highya.com.

The next two years were hard for Nick Vertucci. He had no income and continued to accumulate more debt. It was during this time that his friend invited him to attend a training seminar on real estate as a guest. Vertucci was reluctant at first. He then decided to go because his friend had assured him that it was a great learning experience on fortunesinflippingevent.com. Vertucci says that the decision to go was the best choice that he had ever made in his life. Nick Vertucci listened to the speaker at the seminar and knew that this would be the solution to his financial problems. Vertucci gained a new sense of enthusiasm and set out to read the information that he could find about real estate. This paid off because it enabled him to develop a system that transformed him into a millionaire.

Nick Vertucci decided that he would share the system to help other people who were in debt. He started the NV Real Estate Academy. His trademark Fortunes in the Flipping system is available to students who sign up for lessons at the academy at http://nvrealestateacademy.com/attend/. It provides the strategies that enabled Vertucci to be successful. The Real Estate Academy also offers the student a chance to invest actively. Signing up is free. The Academy hosts free workshops for anyone who expresses an interest in joining.

The corporate team of NVREA is made up of the vice president of operations, the chief operations officer, the director of advanced training, and the director of student services. NVREA has a team of more than 30 instructors today. The instructors are trained extensively on the system that Vertucci developed to enable them to offer it to students. NVREA also has a team of phone support professionals who are on standby to answer any customer queries about the academy.

End Citizens Now Continues in its Mission

It is said that a journey of a thousand steps begins with just one. In the journey to have a more just and trustworthy Missouri and Unites States government, there is one more step to that is on its way to being made. This step to be made is actually located in Jefferson City. Currently, the proposed Clean Missouri initiative is on its way to the ballot box. The spirit of Clean Missouri is to combat lobbyists in Jefferson City. At the moment, all that needs to be done is the collection of signatures. And, if all goes as planned, it should be up for vote in the 2018 voting cycle.



Pushing back against lobbyists, is not the only purpose of this initiative. It also plans to close loopholes that allow unlimited funding and unfair influence in politics through the channeling of PAC (Political Action Committee) campaign funds to one candidate. This is the kind of law drafting that End Citizens Now is in existence for. The very purpose of their establishment is to stop the effect that Citizens United has over the campaign finance system.



The good news is that End Citizens United now is the largest campaign PAC within the US, with over three million members. Like many freedom fighting organizations, the demands of this organization are simple and twofold. These are transparency and accountability when it comes to elections across the state and throughout the United Sates, in the Fight for Reform movement. It starts with Fight for Reform connecting grassroots activists with donors to push through the Clean Missouri initiative.



Tiffany Muller, Executive Director of End Citizens United, is very plain spoken in her political views and points of discrepancy in politics. She makes these clear when referring to politicians such as Eric Greitens, and she expects the ECU organization through the Clean Missouri to bring meaningful reform to state elections. Muller, along with many of her contemporaries feel that Missourians deserve a stronger voice in their democracy.



Sometimes in politics, you have to fight fire with fire to save lives or in most cases the civil rights attached to life. That is exactly the case when it comes to the 4 million USD (United States Dollars) the End Citizens United PAC has under its belt to combat big money in politics. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg with an expectation to raise 35 million more bucks by 2018. This is an ambitious leap of about ten million from the amount raised in the 2016 election.



One of the most exciting parts about the money collected so far is that a lot of it is coming from new donors who sense the severity of the situation. Even bigger news is that all of this money is not coming from one mega source but from contributions where the average amount is 12 USD. That is a good indicator as to the public’s opinion regarding the ECU organization and its causes.