Christopher Burch’s Insight on the Relation of Fashion to Technology

Many have tried to marry technology and fashion into one futuristic pot. Technology can be found in fashion in innovations as simple as light up shoes to the complicated smartwatch. The two have made an impact on each other in many ways. Recently, Christopher Burch has identified some important aspects of technology and fashion that has made a world of difference and continues to grow.
From its induction in the 70s the boom box had evolved from just a music machine to being an icon and symbol for the music industry in the 80s, says Burch. We have moved from personal CD players that were big and bulky to slim iPods that are small and convenient for wear.

Technology and fashion can be brought together to improve safety, encourage many to recycle and create energy. Still, we continue to progress in technology and fashion. Burch mentions how designers like Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch Designer, make fashion statements using technology with pieces like her drink making dress and her self-painting dress. Safety is important to those in the fashion technology industry. Such as the neckwear made by designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin worn by cyclists that deploy airbags and protect their heads in the event of an accident. Many have even used technology and fashion to recycle trash into fashions. While some use them to create energy such as the creation of clothing to use the energy from movement to power electronics.

In some cases, fashion has boosted technology’s popularity and growth. Burch points out that in many ways fashion has improved technology. One example he uses is Google Glasses. They may not have been as popular if one the top designers, Diane Von Furstenberg had not used them in her fashion show. The use of fashion, in this instance, can arguably be a great reason that Google Glasses had some of its popularity.

Christopher Burch ( is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an investment company. Burch has been an investor and entrepreneur for over 40 years. He is successful due to his ability to understand consumer behavior and his experience with sourcing.
Burch’s experience is diversified and stems back to his college days at Itchica College. He started, with his brother, a company called Eagle Eye apparel which gained them $165 million after selling. Christopher Burch is a great entrepreneur who has had success in all aspects of business.

More about Chris Burch can be found in this Huffington Post article.

Education Reform Heads The Work Of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a businessperson I have been aware of for many years as I have followed the success he achieved as the President of the AmWay Group. Although I was aware of the business success Dick DeVos has achieved with AmWay and his own The Windquest Investment Company I was not as aware of the high quality of work Dick and wife Betsy have achieved as two of the most important individuals in the education reform movement; Dick and Betsy DeVos have been major members of the reform movement for over 30 years, and despite their largely conservative image the couple started working in the movement when it was seen as a radical group. Reading an interview with Betsy DeVos in Philanthropy Roundtable showed me that despite being based in Grand Rapids, Michigan the DeVos family are willing to aid communities across the U.S. in achieving the best possible education for their young people. Although everything I have read shows me the couple love their home state of Michigan it was refreshing to read they class their greatest achievement as the success they achieved in the state of Florida where the couple was involved in developing the longest running education reform program that continues to prove a success for all communities in the state.


I have always been impressed with the work of Dick DeVos, which includes his period spent as the leader of the AmWay Group and his continuing work as the head of The Windquest Group. However, I was shocked to discover Dick is a product of the Michigan public school system which played a major role in his development as a major part of the reasons for his business success, and dedication to the philanthropic work he and Betsy DeVos complete through their own Foundation. Having amassed a personal fortune of more than $5 billion and has been a major supporter of a number of educational programs at major institutions, such as Princeton University and Calvin College. I have also been impressed by the way Dick DeVos has never lost sight of the roots he has in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has played an important role in bringing the area back to economic success through his role with the Grand Action plan developed after the 2008 economic slowdown, Wikipedia reports.


Omar Boraie: The Greatly Valuable Visionary of New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is the president of Boraie Development LLC. For several decades now, he and his company have really made a great difference for New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is nearing the completion of another project for New Brunswick. This project is a deluxe and luxury, high rise residential called The Aspire, and it is located in the heart of the city.

Boraie, 73, is a great visionary, and his vision for New Brunswick has been taken place for over four decades now. Originally from Egypt, he settled here in the US in New Brunswick in 1972. He recounted how things were awful back in 1972, and he laughs about all the doubters who didn’t believe in him. Well, they are believing in him now due to all the spectacular transformation on he made in that city.

Boraie’s first project is an office on Albany Street called the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. These Class A office spaces were greatly needed as it helped attract more businesses to the city in the 1980s and 1990s. They then created Tower Two, which is located next to Tower One, and it was established in 2003. Tower Two is more Class A office spaces in New Brunswick.

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However, being a great visionary like Boraie is, he knew that the city also needed some superior and luxurious residential units. He envisioned the upscale, New York City styled condominiums and developed the One Spring Street Condominium building in 2007. This is the tallest building within New Brunswick that is 25 stories with 121 residential units on These condominiums consist of a garage with 400 parking spaces, outdoor space to walk your dog and barbecue, 10,000 square feet for retail, and 40,000 square feet for office space. Within two months of its establishment, the residential building was filled with tenants.

With the latest protect on, The Aspire, it’s a 17 story building that consists of 370,000 square footage, 238 residential units, a four story parking garage, and 10,000 square footage of retail space. Boraie said that they are hoping to get good quality tenants who are professional people, such as doctors, nurses, professors, policemen, firemen, and teachers who like to live, work, and enjoy downtown New Brunswick’s entertainment and culture.

Boraie and his company have made a great difference in New Brunswick. Boraie also has plans to help the city’s population to grow significantly.

Doug Levitt Unveils “The Greyhound Diaries” Commemorating The Forgotten America

The Greyhound Diaries is an inspirational journey of an artist and a song writer, Doug Levitt. Since 2007, the innovative style of Doug’s storytelling by traveling in a Greyhound Bus has allowed thousands of Americans to understand the traditional American, who continues to struggle amid ongoing economic and social problems. Seven years earlier, Doug Levitt quit his potentially lucrative job as a CNN correspondent to ride 70,000 miles across American on a Greyhound Bus. For Doug, the Greyhound Bus was an automatic choice because it allowed him to meet fellow Americans from nearly all facets of life.

In fact, Greyhound was also the best medium to understand Americans as Dough went places he could not have imagined. Traveling to small towns and “off the beaten path”, Dough met ordinary Americans who were struggling to make ends meet. Accordingly, the poverty-stricken Americans were not restricted to any particular demographics because Greyhound travelers belonged to every class. During the seven years, Doug heard many amazing stories that allowed him to appreciate the human resilience against hardships. In a recent interview, Dough also acknowledged that the experience was very overpowering for him because it also allowed him to confront his own dilemma of dealing with the suicide of his father.

According to Doug, life stories of these Greyhound travelers revealed that most Americans have almost forgotten their fellow citizens. These citizens represent Millions of Americans who are still living in poverty despite America’s economic success as the world power. Perhaps, sharing their stories will also enable the new generation of Americans to understand that there are thousands of Americans who cannot live their American dream despite working hard because our lives also have a social, cultural and economic aspect that remains hidden from others. Therefore, writing the “Greyhound Diaries” is a big step in making Americans view the other side, which remains concealed from the public eye.

In a major presentation, Doug Levitt will share his stories at The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage through songs, pictures and movies. The presentation also includes a 2007 EP, 2008 book and a website of images, videos and stories.

Adam Milstein-one of the most influential Jews

Adam Milstein has recently been recognized as one of the 50 most influential Jews by the Jerusalem Post. Ranking number 39 on the list, he was elected because of his strong leadership as Chairman and Co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, also known as the IAC. Adam Milstein is an activist and philanthropist, as well as a leader in many Jewish organizations such as StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Birthright Israel, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel, AIPAC and Stand By Me. He is among many prominent political leaders such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ron Lauder and Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan. U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, Gal Gadot and Sarah Silverman have also made the list.

Under Milstein’s leadership, the Israeli-American Council has become the fastest growing Jewish organization in the United States, strengthening the identity of the Jewish community. Milstein is honored to be selected for the list and is also grateful to his wife, Gila, the IAC and to the many Jewish organizations that he has partnered with. The Milstein Family Foundation is on a mission to strengthen the Jewish community and also their State of Israel. Their philosophy is that by embracing the principles of philanthropy, building synergies between organizations and keeping their life-to-impact in mind, they will continue to strengthen the State of Israel as well as the Jewish people. Their foundation is encouraging Jewish pride and teaching pro-Israel Americans to have the knowledge and experience to support the State of Israel while boosting the important U.S.-Israel alliance. You can read more about Adam Milstein’s recent influential status in the article at

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Andy Wirth – CEO and owner of popular Squaw Valley Resort

Andy Wirth is a philanthropist and businessman who is the CEO and owner of Squaw Valley Resort. It’s located in the beautiful Olympic Valley Mountains where many people visit to enjoy the breath taking views and the beauty from every angle. The resort is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, especially during the winter months. Many skier’s take advantage of the resort and utilize it to its fullest, visiting every day and living their dream. Wirth has worked hard to ensure that maintenance on the resort continues to approve the overall experience along with the up-keep necessary to ensure the success of the resort. Wirth’s latest project has included a gondola that will connect the two resorts together. Construction has started on the project and is almost finished. The exciting part about the gondola is that it will allow visitors to travel from on end of the resort to the end quite quickly and successfully, allowing them to fully enjoy both resorts. Before, there was no way to get from one resort to other. It was just one or the other that you had to pick to use. Now you can use both of them, and it’s a luxury most people will not want to miss out on.

Andy Wirth grew up in Germany, and moved to the United States when he graduated from high school. He moved to Colorado where he attended Colorado State University and fell in love with the mountainous views of the state. After graduating from college, he moved to Steamboat, Colorado, where he went to work for a result. He worked his way up the ladder and became quite successful. That’s when he decided he was going to purchase the resort and is now the proud owner and CEO.

Wirth is an outdoor enthusiast himself, and grew up around family members that enjoyed the same things he still does today. He has a newfound outlook on life after a near fatal sky diving experience that landed him in the hospital for months. He started the “Wounded Warrior Support” organization that helps supports Navy Seals once they return home with their family.

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Kenneth Goodgame & His Successful Game Plan

Do you own a business? Are you thinking of going into business, but need more savvy advice on how be as successful as possible? A great model to observe would be from that of Kenneth Goodgame. Goodgame specializes in operation systems and management. This entrepreneur is a leader in quality services and has earned high recognition in the field to this very day.

Goodgame earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee which set him in motion to being one of the top marketing experts in the nation. Holding many managing positions for a number of the top companies such as Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and True value; Goodgame’s knowledge and expertise has turned these companies into prosperous business success. Knowing your way around marketing and finance takes knowledge and if you want your business to succeed, proper strategic techniques has to be implemented. This isn’t a guessing game to be taken lightly. Mr. Goodgame has worked with many businesses throughout the years while turning around the profits and performances of these very businesses. Unlike the fly-by-night marketing organizations that are only looking for a quick buck, Goodgame’s game plan was built on positive results and creating long-term relationships, which is a recipe for success.

The True Value Corporation, which is one of the must successful corporations in the home improvement sector, has benefited greatly from the marketing efforts of Mr. Goodgame. The True Value Corporation named Goodgame as their Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President. Dealing with and managing the company’s entire operation systems has brought the company back from the brink. He has also brought in advanced innovation and development while delivering the company a strategic 5 year plan.

Kenneth Goodgame’s role in the finance and marketing sector has been monumental. His progressive approach for success can’t be denied as he continuous to push into the future.

Using The Right Tools For Marketing

When it comes to marketing, anyone can do it with the right skills. However, the right tools could bring forth the right results at a faster rate. Therefore, when someone is aware of tools, then he will be able to make the right moves in order to spread awareness of the product and service that he is trying to promote. Among the right tools that one could use in order to market his product is social media. This is one of the most effective tools because of how widely used this platform is.

There is also another platform that actually revolutionizes marketing for the online marketer. This tool is known as Talk Fusion. With Talk Fusion, people can put together a good production that showcases their products. These ads can be sent to the recipient through video email. This allows people to actually learn a lot about the product. They could see the product in action which will give them a more complete knowledge of the product. As a result, they will be more confident to buy the product with Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion can be used to put together small ads as well as long infomercials. Either way, the message that the marketer can send their customers is a lot clearer than what they could do with text ads.

When one uses tools like Talk Fusion, he could also participate with video chat. This allows the user to get into contact with his customer provided that he has Talk Fusion as well. With Talk Fusion, the only limit that the marketer has is his mind. The marketer can take the time to put together a really powerful production that goes into everything about his product. Talk Fusion is a worthy product to use with social media and other forms of marketing.

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John Goullet Showing What A True Leader Is

A leader is someone that is unselfish, makes other people around him or her better, and is truly committed to it. When it comes to leadership, it is truly a job that requires the attention of someone 365/24/7 if they are going to do it right. John Goullet has long been a leader and it is something he takes a great deal of pride in when it comes to his job as Principal Executive at Diversant. In his mind, it is up to him to get these IT professionals ready to work for Fortune 500 companies. They might have the degree or the skills, but there is a lot more to it than that.

John looks at people and really examines everything there is to examine about them. He looks at their strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. He has a sense and a feel for individuals. He can oftentimes see things in them that they haven’t even figured out themselves yet. Keep in mind, this is a man that used to run Info Technologies, which was put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Because of this experience, he knows what they are looking for in someone and what they need.

He is like a proud parent when he sees someone that he has taken under his wing and sees them grow and sees them flourish. The great thing about them is they are willing to learn and they are great listeners. They know John Goullet has been there and done that and because of that, he is someone that is worth listening to, as he is only going to give the best advice possible. He remembers those people that have helped him out in the past and he remembers their advice. It is a passing of the torch, so to speak.

That is why those that work at Diversant really enjoy what John brings to the table and all of his contributions. He is an invaluable member of the team and he is one of the reasons why Diversant has grown and will continue to grow well into the future.

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John Goullet And The Leadership Team At DIVERSANT


The success story Malini Saba

Originally from South Asia, Malini Saba has worked his way up to being the world’s top investors and philanthropists. She is the sole founder of Saban; this is a multinational company that has various investments interests worldwide like oil and gas in China, technology companies in the United States and real estate in Australia and India.


 Malini Saba is an impassionate and self-driven philanthropist. In mid-2001, she started a nonprofit organization called “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” this was aimed at changing the way at-risk and low-income women and children globally perceive their roles in the society. The organization was inaugurated by Jordan’s Queen Noor and former United States President Bill Clinton.


“Stree” offers a means by which women can access legal empowerment, healthcare and offer a forum for grassroots actions to connect with public policy in Africa, India, Central America and Eastern Europe. In June 2005, Malini Saba donated one million dollars towards kick-starting the world’s major Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA.


In 2004, Malini toured India and Sri Lanka after it had been ravaged by a Tsunami. With her sense of responsibility and duty, she pledged ten million dollars to aid all the victims of the tragedy.


Malini Saba was born from a humble family in Kuala Lumpur. Her parents were originally from Sri Lanka, but Malini was fortunate to grow up in Australia. At nineteen years old, Malini decided to seek greener pastures and moved to the United States with only two hundred dollars in her pocket.


Her husband was studying at a university in the United States and Malini used that opportunity to attend free lectures. She acquired lots of knowledge that will later be useful in her investing and philanthropic career. She consulted some investment bankers on how they deal with obstacles as well as questioning them. She then started investing her small savings in areas like real estate and telecommunication.


Her ability to isolate and invest in extremely successful companies shows how she totally grasped sound investment practices. She has invested in businesses like Sycamore Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCMR), PayPal Inc. (acquired by eBay Inc. for about one billion dollars) and NetScreen Technologies, Inc. (acquired by Juniper Networks Inc. for about four billion dollars). The success story of Malini Saba is an inspiration and a testament to many that you can succeed so long as you have the required focus.