Hussain Sajwani Trying to Lower the Over-Dependence of Non-Renewable Resources

Over the years, the Middle East region is facing challenges when it comes to the natural economic and social front. Since the region has been increasing at a fast rate and has come to the forefront of progress, there is a great increase in the consumption of resources, water, and other resources. The contribution of carbon emission is also increasing, and there has never been a greater need for people in the region to move towards sustainable growth. There are people such as Hussain Sajwani who is forcing the industries in the region to adopt more environmental friendly policies and regulations.

Dubai is known worldwide as the city of skyscrapers as there are tons of buildings here that would seem like are touching the sky. The infrastructure development that the city of Dubai and other metropolitan areas of the UAE have witnessed in the past few years is phenomenal. The primary reason behind this massive transformation is the contributions made by the innovative and futuristic real estate firms like Damac Properties, which was founded by Hussain Sajwani in the year 2004. He has established himself as a self-made billionaire in the past few years and not only has helped his company go global but has put to action many initiatives that have empowered and helped the local communities.

Hussain Sajwani went to the United States after completing his high school in the UAE on government’s scholarship. He even did a job at the oil and gas firm named GASCO for few months before leaving and starting a catering company, which is known as Global Logistics today. The company has been running efficiently as well as profitably till date, and Hussain Sajwani continues to look after its management and business development activities. However, Damac Properties has become the key focus of Hussain Sajwani, and in the last decade, it has developed over forty thousand residential units. It has become a comprehensive real estate firm, which also has a property management section. For people looking to invest in the real estate sector of the Middle East, consulting with the professional real estate and financial consultants at Damac would help you.

Marc Beer: The Man behind Leva Device

A health startup costing $42 million will be beneficial to women who are suffering from pelvic floor disorder. The disorder affects over 250 women all over the world. Marc Beer is the man behind the Renovia Company, which will develop products to help women suffering from pelvic floor. The company got $32 million from series B funding and $10 venture debt. The firm will use the funds to invest in the development of products to help deal with the disorder. The firm based in Boston has therapeutic products to treat urinary incontinence. Learn more:

Leva Device

Renovia created Leva, which was the first product it had developed. The product was approved by FDA on April. Longwood fund is the company that has been in the forefront to help Renovia to achieve its goals. The funds will help Renovia to test its diagnostic and therapeutic products. The company is also working on the new version of the Leva device.

The Leva device is a product that helps women in training their pelvic floor. To use the product, one has to insert a probe into the vagina and perform Kegel exercises that help strengthen the pelvic floor. The product helps women to train their pelvic floor muscles and treat mild incontinence. The product allows women to treat disorder without undergoing expensive surgeries. Leva is the first product to be created by the company, and it was approved by the Foods and Drugs (FDA). Pelvic floor disorder affects many women after childbirth.

Doing Kegel exercises helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles, but most women are not doing it the right way. Renovia developed a product to help women strengthen their pelvic muscles. The technology by Renovia will use a motion sensor technology that allows women to see the movement in real time and at rest. The device allows women to complete the kegel exercises in less than five minutes and track their progress.

Marc Beer in a statement expressed his joy for the support the company is getting from the healthcare investors. The funds will enable the company to diagnose better and help those affected with pelvic floor disorders.


Marc Beer is a go-getter and has worked with several companies. He brings over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic to his company, Renovia. He co-founded the firm with Yoland Lorie and Roman Iglesias in 2016. Marc Beer went through the series A financing, which was successful and followed it with Series B. He has been in the leading positions for companies such as ViaCell and has also worked for Genzyme. Marc Beer has had successful start-ups after his graduation. He is also listed as one of the legendary industrialists in the 21st century.

The Ever Evolving Reviews form Newswatch TV

Newswatch TV is a television reviews program that keeps up to date on what audiences need from their reviews media. They are fully aware that being up to date on media trends keeps them relevant to television viewers. The focus of the program is to put together a compilation list of reviews on the latest advancements in technology and electronic gadgets, consumer reviews, travel news, health news, the latest in entertainment, and celebrity interviews. They are aware that constantly evolving as a review company is necessary in a world where many people rely on reviews from various sources.

The Newswatch TV program crew realized they had to continue evolving when it comes to reviews because so many people rely on reviews and news to stay current on what’s going on in the world. At the very beginning, Newswatch TV first aired in 1990. When it first aired they focused on producing a monthly show about financial news. In the mid-90s they realized that they had to branch out more to keep up with new aspects to the television market. They added more entertainment focused news to the program as well as other news to gain more viewership. In 2011 Newswatch started to really focus their program on electronics and technology. They have created a weekly segment on their program dedicated to the latest news concerning apps for iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

The Newswatch TV program is owned by Bridge Communications. The company is dedicated to production and mass communication work. Newswatch TV airs on Mondays at 7 am on the AMC network, ION network, and independent local stations. You can view the Newswatch TV program on these networks whenever you need the latest reviews on electronics and technology consumer reviews. And you can view the latest on entertainment, health, and travel news on Newswatch TV.

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Neurocore Intense Energy

In life everyone is looking for a way to push themselves further than they thought possible. Working out is no different, and stimulants have become a multi-million dollar industry in the last decade. Pre-workouts are a proven source of energy that can turn an average workout into an amazing one. Muscletech’s Neurocore is one of the most popular pre-workout supplements now on the market. Quality and performance have always been a staple in their brand for the last 18 years. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

How Muscletech Started

Muscletech started in 1995 as a direct mail order company with three products available to buy. The products included were creatine, acetabolan, and the original Hydroxycut formula. The company enjoyed positive feedback on all it’s products which lead to increased sales every month. After a successful first year they launched their wholesale retail division putting their products in every major health store. Fast forward to today, and they are one of the constant supplement brands leading the charge with scientific breakthroughs and innovative products every year. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

View History:

What It Does

Neurocore is a super-concentrated pre-workout that improves your focus, energy levels, and strength. Some of the main ingredients are L-Citrulline, Creatine, Beta-Alanine, and Caffeine. All of these are clinically dosed to give you energy whether you take one or two scoops of pre-workout to complete your workout. Neurocore has fully disclosed ingredients unlike many of its competitors, which hide small doses inside proprietary blends.


Why Neurocore

You can trust that the ingredients in Muscletech’s Neurocore are safe and effective, because scientific studies have concluded the ingredients work as advertised. What really separates this product from the rest is the value you receive. You can now get this for just over 20 dollars, which is almost half the price of the competition. Furthermore, Neurocore has a 9.6 out of 10 rating on, which further shows that consumers are more than happy with the product.


Upwork  Create To-Do List for Perfect Time Management

For professionals who do not have the habit of maintaining a to-do list, it would be difficult for them to manage their time. Upwork is a company that has been helping professionals and clients come together and do business. The company also maintains an online blog where helpful blogs and articles are frequently posted to help the freelancers gain more insight and tips on how to achieve success. One of the tips that it recently posted is that freelancers should have a to-do list that would keep them updated on the tasks that are pending and the ones that are completed.

As a freelancer, it is necessary that they have fixed work timing and schedule in order to achieve success. One should not misuse the freedom they have as a freelancer as it would make it difficult for them to win the trust of the clients or complete work on time. Missing deadlines will become frequent if you do not have a to-do list that would keep you on track as far as work is concerned. For people who are looking to achieve success as a freelancer, following the tips mentioned by Upwork would be really helpful. There are tons of applications available in the market that would help the freelancers to maintain their to-do list digitally on their phone and PC, and which would be remotely accessible as well.

A to-do list may seem like a simple list, but it can do wonders if it is created perfectly. It allows you to prioritize your work so that you can complete all the important tasks first and then start with the remaining. You can also mention the deadline so that you can complete your tasks before they are due. Being a freelancer has many benefits, but you need to know how to know how to manage your time properly.


Inside The Life And Career Of Actor-Cum-Journalist Ryan Seacrest

The entertainment business is one of the most demanding industries and hosts some of the most hardworking folks one could come across. Ryan Seacrest, a big-shot Hollywood actor, and household name, is a true representation of dedication, passion, and talent. The multi-talented Seacrest has also served as the host to some of the most popular radio and TV shows.

Currently, Ryan is a co-host for ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’, a popular and acclaimed morning TV show. The show is one of the funniest, given the easy-going nature of the duo that has developed a cordial friendship on and off the air.

Reputation and respect

Ryan Seacrest has earned the respect he is accorded today in the Hollywood industry primarily due to the solid reputation he has built as a talented media personality as well as due to his high professional ethics. It is incredible how Ryan Seacrest juggles around his packed schedule with the many gigs that require him to frequent fly to Los Angeles and back to New York.

Radio and TV careers

Seacrest recently had to relocate to New York from Los Angeles to co-host the Live With Kelly Show. On the radio, Ryan hosts ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ a morning drive-time show that has become a darling to many people and consequently ranks among the most popular radio shows in Los Angeles. He also hosts the annual ‘’Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest’, a New Year’s Eve Program.

Additionally, he is the host of the top award show, E! Live from the Red Carpet. The actor admits that not many people can keep up with his tight schedule but thanks his timeliness to his passion for working out. This includes boxing which he took up soon after his move to New York.

More about Ryan Seacrest

He hosted the American Idol, a popular and acclaimed singing competition, until 2016 when the competition took a break. His love of fashion and entrepreneurship spirit pushed him to open his own line of fashion, Ryan Seacrest Distinction/ Polish. Ryan still finds time for philanthropic activities through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF), which focuses on youth development.

The Foundation and Growth of OSI Group

In 1909, OSI Group came into existence. During this period, the company was a butcher shop that had been opened up by Otto Kolschowsky two years after settling down in Chicago, Illinois. The shop started out as a retail entity and later on grew into a wholesale business. Otto Kolschowsky continued propelling the butcher shop’s growth to an extent that he sought help from his sons who would later become a part of the business. More about of OSI Group at

The sons of Otto Kolschowsky- Arthur and Henry became officially affiliated with the company in 1928. Thereafter, Otto Kolschowsky came to a conclusion that the name Otto & Sons was befitting since his two sons were now on board. With time, Otto & Sons became the most influential food processing company in Illinois. As a result, the McDonald’s restaurant first approached Otto & Sons before venturing into the food business. Both companies entered into a contract whereby Otto & Sons would supply meat products to the McDonald’s outlets on demand. The deal went on smoothly and Otto & Sons were witnessing huge profit margins, thanks to their partnership with McDonalds.

The McDonalds Corporation was also growing at an alarming rate. The growth of the business was good for Otto &Sons since they were receiving bulk orders from the McDonalds restaurant; however, the main problem came about when Otto & Sons were unable to supply freshly ground beef to the outlets that were far from their food processing plants. Thanks to technology, Otto & Sons found a solution to their problem. Researchers had come up with a food preservation method that was known as flash freezing. In this case, you would apply liquid nitrogen to your food and it would remain in a frozen state. This discovery solidified the partnership between Otto & Sons and the McDonalds Corporation.

Since Otto & Sons had been under the leadership of Otto Kolschowsky and his sons for too long, the corporation’s leadership had to be handed over to someone who was capable enough to propel the company’s growth further. For starters, the company was renamed from Otto & Sons to OSI Group in the 1970s. Sheldon Lavin was then named the CEO of OSI Group. Since he had served as a financial advisor to OSI Group some time back, he had an idea of how the company operated. To date, he is still OSI Group’s CEO and the company has enjoyed a positive streak of growth for the many years that he has been a part of the organization’s executive team.

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Ryan Seacrest Combines Traditional and Entrepreneurial Ambitions

In his current and most recent role as co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, personality Ryan Seacrest further places himself at the heart of the entertainment news industry. Always in the know, and involved in several well known broadcast and cable programs, Ryan Seacrest has made waves in all areas and positions within entertainment media.

Combining both entrepreneurial and traditional roles, Seacrest is always on the lookout for opportunities that will both benefit himself, the business ideas he is working on, and those individuals he is interested in working with.

From On Air With Ryan to host of American Idol, Seacrest has quickly become a household name and voice that everyone recognizes. While initially a local LA radio show, his show is now nationally syndicated, and quickly became on of the top radio shows in production.

In the spirit of keeping busy, Seacrest hosts and launches multiple shows, working on and behind the camera, covering and creating the stars of Hollywood that everyone loves. His entrepreneurial pursuits have changed the way millennials interact with media and drive marketing dollars. From social media platforms to new media platforms, Seacrest is making investments in tech businesses that are on the leading edge of driving information and industry.

Outside of entertainment and media, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has even gone on to create and market a clothing line for men. His interest in collaborations has led to him partnering with brands and other companies in order to create exclusive lines, brands, and experiences that he understands and knows will garner interest by the public.

Always looking to give back, Seacrest, a TV personality, established the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a philanthropic foundation that aims to introduce media and entertainment initiatives through educational programming to children. The foundation currently operates ten broadcast centers in hospitals across the country where children are able to learn and explore through media and communication. Follow Ryan on Twitter today.

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The DAMAC Owner Loves History Books

Hussain Sajwani has learned to accept that success and failures happen life. This acceptance allows him to be successful because he is not emotionally shot down whenever he trips up on an obstacles. This willingness to face everything and anything in the most mature way has made him into one of the most financially endowed businessmen in the world.

In a blog from Alaraby, it says that Hussain Sajwani is a big fan of reading about history. This is because of the fact that history books unlock patterns in history that will most likely happen in the future. As a businessman who must make predictions about the future, Hussain Sajwani is very much interested in learning about these patterns in history. The subject of his work falls along the lines of history and social studies

The DAMAC owner is old enough to have seen the massive development of his home city of Dubai. The time period of his lifetime—the middle of the 20th century to the present day—has allowed him to have unique experiences that most other people in other periods of history would not have. There is especially a contrast when you compare the world of the 2010s to the world of the middle 20th century when he was born. People his age, all over the world, report huge differences from when they were young. Being from Dubai, the changes are especially prominent. After all, in the middle 20th century, Dubai was not nearly as developed as the United States. Even some places that weren’t major areas of America seemed more developed than Dubai, which was very noticable.

The DAMAC owner is looking to China to take part in more business. The middle class has been expanding for years, which means that there are bright prospects in China for those who are in the luxury real estate market.

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Matt Badiali: Fear Dictates The Price Of Copper

Matt Badiali is a man who stands out in the financial world for his ability at spotting profitable stocks in the volatile natural resource sector. He originally began his education and career as a geologist. He traveled all over the world examining the natural resource assets of reputable companies and spoke with CEOs about the business side of a natural resource asset. While studying for his Ph.D. a friend of his helped him to realize his potential in finance. In 2008 he invested in a resource company that all his family and friends believed was a terrible investment, however, he ended up making a substantial profit. It was this experience that gave him name recognition in the world of finance. His newsletter the Real Wealth Strategist is a guide for those who are interested in learning about potential picks in the natural resource space.

With years of experience as a geologist, Matt Badiali is very knowledgeable of the copper market. He currently believes the supply of copper is much lower than the demand. He believes that market participants are the reason for the extreme disconnect between the price of copper and its intrinsic value. Mr. Badiali feels that it is likely that copper deficits will persist for the next few years. He is betting that copper prices are going to rise in the long term because of the electric vehicle. The government of China is going to require its automakers to sell a specific portion of vehicles as electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle is going to require much more copper than normal cars on the road today. Matt Badiali believes that the trade war between China and the United States is the reason that the speculators have driven the price of copper down. Many financial experts have been very critical of the trade war and believe that if it continues, the global economy will fall into recession. During times of recession, copper prices end up falling because demand falls. As a geologist, Matt Badiali understands too well that it takes several years to get a new copper mine into production. He feels that this trade war fear is irrational and that copper is on the verge of entering into an extreme bull market.